I have been online using Yahoo Messenger , MSN, IRC and Google Talk for a long time. So I have met all kind of people with different kind of behaviour. From she male, gay and hor*y chatter just name it. So one thing you should remember to be extra careful not to share your email address, telephone number or even house/office address to a stranger. Please don’t easily get tricked to deposit money to unknown girl especially just to see her nude picture. (Yup this happened to me, but i am not that stupid because I know its a man)

This is also important if you want to go to a blind date and want to check this person background. You want to do some background check about his past history and real picture.You don’t want to be disappointed expecting a handsome guy or beautiful girl but end up meeting a She Male haha.

#1. Use Facebook, Friendster and MySpace

search on mysapce

As we all know, Facebook, MySpace or Friendster  has millions of  users worldwide and there’s a high probability that the sender may also have a profile on either on this three  social network.

If you able to find his/her profile, analyse the picture pattern and check if the picture is fake or not. Simple, if the picture is too hot and sexy of course it fake. Check the face pattern, make sure it is consistent and not different with each other. Sometime some she male  use other girl picture that has similar face with him. But you can see the difference in their body. Please don’t fall for the hot picture as it can blind your judgement.

There is one service called TinEye, where you can  download his/her profile picture and then upload it . It’s a reverse image search engine so you can check other people that use the same profile picture picture. If the picture cannot be found in other people profile, then it might be a genuine picture of your friend. But if you can find his/her profile picture in 5 or 10 other social network /forum site then please be AWARE that your online friend use FAKE identities.

#2. Ask for a Phone number

This is by far the easiest trick to check your online chatter is really a girl or not. Ask for her number and call her. Just tell her you want to verify her identity. If you don’t want to use your mobile hand phone than use Skype. Skype is the cheapest VoIP call and she will not be able to detect your number. Easy.

Other option is to voice call using Yahoo Messenger or using Webcam features. The above option is valid if your suspect claimed that he/she don’t have microphone or speaker. If she give a lot of excuses, then you have to seek help from Uncle Google.

google search

#3 Search using Google

Ok, this is the final step to verify your online friend. Use his username/email/yahoo id/google id and paste into the Google Search box. Believe me, Uncle G will not disappoint you. Google will give you comprehensive result from web/blog/picture/group email/updates that mention the keyword that you search. The truth will be reveal. If you cannot find anything from your online friend that means he or she is a ghost haha.

Just kidding, don’t worry Google has enourmous database, for sure it will find some info on your friend. Good Luck!

Other services that you can also try are service like Pipl and Spokeo – both services let you perform reverse email lookups but Spokeo has a more comprehensive database than Pipl.