hi Guys,

if you read my last entry about my review on transfer money from PayPal to Maybank Account, now I would like to update on it. I receive the money on Monday after 12 pm.

There is a few things that i found out :

#1. Duration of Transfer : It will take 2 working days. As for me, I cash out on Wednesday. 2 working days means Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately Saturday and Sunday is not working day. So I only received my money on Monday. Next time make sure you cash out your money to Maybank account on Monday.

p/s Do you know know how many times I log in to Maybank2u using my BlackBerry and  laptop Dell, almost every hour. Especially on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I am just a little excited.

#2 No fee charges from Maybank : I should get RM 570.44 base on my PayPal calculation from USD 192. And I did get the same amount in my Maybank account. So its true, this transaction is free for amount above  RM 400.00.

p/s But PayPal did charged USD 8 from  USD 200 that i received.That is why I cash out USD 192. : )

That is all for now. Drop in some comment and i would happy to answer. Happy Holidays and Happy Chinese New Year to all of you.