What is SSM e-Info Company Watch

SSM e-Info Company Watch service is a service that allows you to monitor  either your competitor, business partner, an investment or potential investment information. This service will provide you with any new information or changes in address, directors, managers, company secretary, share capital and shareholding, etc. You will be notified thru email service.

ssm e-info watch

How to spy your competitor company’s information

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The question now, how bad do you want to know about your competitor or future investment informations ?

I had this one interesting experience with my previous company that i worked before. We were working on this new project to supply ship’s equipment for major shipyard in Lumut. Business  and Technical Proposal were prepared for submission. Suddenly the management of this shipyard requested us to submit our proposal to a new company.

This company were not even related to shipping industries.  We were quite disappointed because all preparation has been made. I did some research on this new company using SSM e-Info Company. We were quite surprise to find out that the shareholder of this new company is actually the same director of the Shipyard. Maybe they are channelling fund to this new company, I am not sure. The point here is that when you got extra information, you can plan your next move.

In my opinion, if SSM can provide your email service to notify when new information of your targeted company updated, its really a good deal.  There are 2 type of package offered :

   1 ) Company Watch Basic

– Email will be sent to you when your targeted company information has some changes. Then, you will decide either to purhcase the updated       information from SSM e-Info. You can save money and time using this type of service.

  2) Company Watch Premium

– With Company Watch Premium, you will be also  alerted by an e-mail that a change or changes has been made in the information od the compnay that you targeted with an email attachment. Email attachment will consist of information that has been updated in pdf format. This type of service is suitable for you if that new piece of information is really critical.

That extra information is like a secret weapon to you. You will know if your future Joint Venture partner is lying or not about his/her company. For me, honesty and trust are the key factor to be successful in business.

Easy to Pay

SSM provided an easy subscription plan on www.ssm-einfo.my , just sign up and login your id and password. You will be guided on how to subscribe. Payment can be made via credit card or pre-paid account.

Prices are quite cheap –

  • RM5.00 per company for Company Watch Basic
  • RM20.00 per company for Company Watch Premium