When I read that Astro is going to launch new satelite TV Service, I thought Astro is goig to launch a new satellite to the sky. ; ) Ok I was wrong there.

FREE SATELLITE TV, so what will you need ? off course, a decoder and satellite dish . Meaning you need to register and pay to ASTRO as the decoder will not be given free unless you are under eKasih program. Accroding to ASTRO, 50 thousand decoders and satellite dishes will be distributed to recipients who have been listed under eKasih programs.

The Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Mohd Najib Tun Haji Abdul Razak said at the launch of NJOI, “Knowledge is a very important component of any highly progressive society, and it is the foundation upon which a nation of excellence is built. Giving the Rakyat access to a wealth of information is critical in producing multi-talented, highly skilled, creative and innovative workforce necessary to build a knowledge-based economy towards becoming a high-income nation.”

This is part of ASTRO, corporate service to to the society I guess. The first phase will cost more than RM500 million for the next five years to cover the cost of equipment and digital content . The second phase will start in the first quarter of 2012, and allows customers to purchase a set of decoders and satellite dishes with only one payment.

All those who are under NJOI program will enjoy a 37 channel TV and radio that includes learning, entertainment & sports.You can click to enlarge the picture to see all program and channel listing. The third phase will commence mid 2012 will allow customers to add additional channels and pay by pre-paid (prepaid). What say you ?

My 2 cents

I already have HyppTV with Unifi. Maybe I can check whether I can reuse my old ASTRO decoder since my apartment already have a shared satellite dish. I only need to buy the NJOI card. Can I ; ) . But I strog ly believe ASTRO will make a new decoder and card for business wise.

Quit surprise, there is no Media Prima channel like TV3, TV8 and NTV7 on the 37 Channel provided. Wonder what is their motive ?