Beside making money online from Google Adsense, Nuffnang, and Baclinks, there is a new online income that you earn called Churp Churp.

You got to have a twitter account and to be Malaysian or Singaporian :). This churp churp is like a younger brother to Nuffnang.

Before this I joined a few making money from twitter such as twivert ,twitfly etc. But none are really promising and make money for me.


Sign Up now.

Use your twitter account and make sure you have some follower. The more follower you have the more campaign you can get.

How is it work

Just update your twitter status with the required keyword given to get approved. Every approved campaign you will earn some money and it is shown on the dashboard. You can cash out after reaching RM100. You will get your cheque after 30 days from cash out.

  • This is a list of available tweets for you to compose.
  • You will need to submit your tweet within ChurpChurp.
  • Note that it will take some time for your tweet to be published depending on the duration of the campaign.
  • Also do note that it may take about one working day for your earnings to be credited. Please see the FAQ for clarification.
  • Please make sure your tweet follows the brief. If it’s not approved by the client by the campaign deadline then it may not go out at all and we might have to give this time a miss. No worries though, there will be more campaigns to come.