Today I would like to do a Tutorial on How To Link Your Domain .my to WordPress Blog.

This tutorial is useful particularly when you just bought a new from myNIC during a promotion and want to link it to one of your wordpress blog.

In my experience, linking common domain such as .com .net or .org is easy compare to .my. It is because myNIC is giving you a hard time to configure their setting to change a nameserver.

There are 3 Steps to link domain .my to your WordPress blog :

  1. Addon domain to your cpanel hosting
  2. Identify your hosting nameserver
  3. Modify nameserver at myNIC


1. Addon Domains on Your Hosting Cpanel

The reason I want to addon domains is because I already have a domain and hosting, So I just want to link my new domain .my that I got free to my hosting.

This will save money because I don’t have to buy a new hosting to link my new .my domain.

In case you still don’t have a hosting, I would like to recommend ServerFreak, been a loyal customer for 6 years now. If you have a hosting only and want to dedicate to your new domain .my, you can proceed to step 2.


How to Addon Domains on your Hosting cpanel :

a. Login to your hosting cpanel

b. Go to Domains, Addon Domains

c. Add your new like below


d. Then, go to Softaculous menu, and install WordPress on your new subdomain. In my example, I need to install at my public_html/

2. Identify your Hosting Nameserver

You can check your hosting nameserver at In my example, I want to link my to my So I need to find nameserver for my So I need to enter on search box in

Find your nameserver and save it on a notepad. Below is an example of my nameserver.


Find your name server

Second option, you can also get information about your nameserver from your hosting provider. Just write a support email to them. My Serverfreak replied my support email even at 3 am.

3. Modify Nameserver at myNIC

This is the tricky part, there are a few steps that you need to take before you can change myNIC nameserver to your domain nameserver.

a. Appoint a Technical Contact
First of all, you need to appoint yourself as a technical contact before you can change the nameserver of myNIC. (I will use my domain as an example )
  • So you need to login to myNIC and select Domain Name, go to Modify Domain (Remember to find your contact code in myNIC email during registration. You need it to login to myNIC system)
  • Search your and select it
  • From the drop down menu, tick Appoint a New Technical Contact as picture below.
  • Key in your contact code and click search icon. A list will appear, click your name and select button.
  • Next you will get a confirmation email, stated that you have been appointed as a New Technical Contact for your domain.

b. Modify Namerserver myNIC

To modify the nameserver, go to menu select again Modify Domain, Search your domain and make sure there is a green box on Technical Column like picture below.

  • If not, you have to redo step a above.
  • After you select your domain with Technical Contact checked, a new menu will appear, Modify Name Servers will appear like below.
  • Tick Modify Name Servers and select Add / Remove / Change Name Server.
Follow below steps and refer to above picture :
1. Click search icon and a pop up browser will appear.
2. Key in you nameserver from your notepad at [Name Server Hostname]
3. Click search button
4. Search Result will appear, click select button to change myNIC nameserver to your nameserver.
* Redo step 1 to 4 again and add the 2nd nameserver.
You will see your myNIC nameserver change to your domain nameserver, slightly like my picture below :
** Double check your nameserver, then most importantly click Modify button to save changes that you have made. If not you have to redo back all steps above.
  • An email will be send to you to confirm that change have been made to your myNIC domain nameserver.

Final Step,

You have to wait 6 hours or up to 24 hours to allow your myNIC domain to propogate to your subdomain/wordpress blog.
Please be patient, in the mean time you can setup your wordpress blog first. Add beautiful theme and plugins.
After that, you can test your new on your browser. Good Luck
You can also check to my other blog on link domain .my to blogspot.
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