This entry only can be made when I have enough money in my PayPal to withdraw.That is why it takes so LONG : )

Actually I promised to write entry on Cash Out money from PayPal to Maybank account more than a year ago. I have to wait until I have enough money to show you guys. Hehehe. Just kidding! I did transfer USD 50 to my Maybank account.  but totally forget to update about it.

First you must add local bank accounts (saving or current) to your PayPal account. Its easy if you follow the step. There are slightly different between cash out money from PayPal to Credit/Debit Card and to your Local Bank Account. (For my example here I use Maybank account).

1. Cheaper – Its cheaper to withdraw money to your local bank than your card. PayPal will charge you RM 20 if you use your card. If you transfer money to Bank Account more than RM 400 it will be FREE and RM 3 for less than RM 400.

2. Save Time 2-3 working days for Bank account and up to one week to transfer money to your card.

Conclusion : Save time and money to transfer money from PayPal to your local bank account.


TODAY, I am so generous to share my experience with you step by step on How to transfer money from PayPal into my Maybank account for the first time that is more than RM 400 : ).

1 step – In your PayPal account click Withdraw

2nd Step – Select Withdraw to your bank account




3rd Step – Put in your amount. In my case USD 192, click continue

You will receive email notification that your withdrawal is in process.

So now we need to wait for 2 working days. Let see now, I withdraw money from PayPal on 26th Jan 2011, Wednesday.

So hopefully I will get the money by Friday..KACCHINGGG!! : )