For you guys who still don’t have a clue about what is DuitNow is all about. Maybe you can try to think DuitNow as PayPal. Do you remember what is your PayPal account number?

No rite, Paypal does not have any account number, they just use email. Same with DuitNow, using MyKad number or phone number.

But if you ask me my Maybank account number, I can give it to you anytime . I just love money and number 🙂

As I mentioned in my article before, DuitNow makes payment easier and instant. Now I just want to show how easy to transfer money using DuitNow via Maybank App.

But first you have to get your recipients’ DuitNow ID to start sending money using via Maybank2u.

DuitNow Transfer via Maybank app

  1. Login to Maybank app
  2. Click ‘Transfer’
  3. Select ‘Transfer via DuitNow’
  4. Choose your debiting account
  5. Tap on ‘New Transfer’ and key in your DuitNow ID details e.g. DuitNow ID number and select ‘Continue’
  6. Enter transfer amount and recipient reference and select ‘Continue’
  7. Confirm the transfer details before requesting for Authentication.
  8. Your transfer is successful, you may save the DuitNow ID as favourite or share your transfer receipt

DuitNow Transfer via Maybank2u Web

  1. Login to Maybank2u
  2. Click ‘Pay and Transfer’
  3. Select ‘Transfer To: DuitNow’
  4. Click ‘New Transfer’ and choose recipients’ DuitNow ID type
  5. Key in your DuitNow ID details e.g. DuitNow ID number, amount, recipient reference.
  6. Click ‘Transfer’
  7. Key in TAC number and click ‘Confirm’