Annoying Message

I received a lot of spam message from my Facebook friend such as “lol check out this girl, bla bla bla..”, with a link to click. I believe once you click the link it will infected your to your Facebook account. I thought that the Facebook account has been compromised and i always ask my friends who get infected to change their password and scan their pc. But still did not solve the problem.

Until a friend of mine told me that it was not in the PC or steal their password. The spam message come from Facebook Application. So when we click the link it will automatically install the Spam apllication. The spam application is called aclebit.


Easy !. Jus go to your Privacy setting :

1. Account –> Privacy Settings ->Apps and Website.

2. Block app aclebit (Then you can block other unwanted or suspicious app in your FB to prevent other problem in the future)

Lesson to be learn here, don’t simply click suspicious link from your Facebook friends. Ask them first if they really send the link. If not just ignore it and notify your friend. Today they might just