Is your customer a legitimate company ?

SSM “e-Info” Services is an internet based service to provide search and purchase of company and business information online. This is an alternative to over the counter transactions. Everybody can access this service with internet connection using online payment such as credit card and MEPS

Its available 24 hours, 7 days a week thru or

Why Do you need to buy other Company Profile ?

Thru SSM e-Info Services you can purchase your client’s profile to run some background checkup of your customer company. To know how strong financially and who is the director and shareholder in the company. All of this information is important to do a project with them. Thru e-Info Services, you can get info consist of 7 main data element as follows:-

  • Corporate Information
  • Summary of Share Capital
  • Directors/ Officers
  • Shareholders / Members
  • Company Charges
  • Company Financial Statement
  • Profit and Loss Account

» If you want to know about less data information, then you can get Business Profile provided by SSM e-Info Services consist of data element as follows:-

  • Business Information
  • Current Business Owner
  • Nature of Business

Fees : RM10.00 (not inclusive of service fee.) &  RM5.00 of service fee is for Service and Technology Provider = RM 15.00 Buy
Call Center for related inquiries at +603 4045 8686 or fax +603 4045 7686 &
Service and Technology provided by Raffcomm Sdn. Bhd.

How To Purchase it Online

  1. Register online using your valid email. Not your, for now. Maybe in the future all government website will require myemail. After you successfully register with SSM e-Info, then you can search for the company that you wanted to know more about. You can type their name or company registration number.
  1. After you have find the desired company, Add it to your chart. You can choose to buy Company Profile or Business Profile.
  1. Then it will displayed the amount of money that you have to pay.


  1. Confirm your purchase.


  1. Payment confirmation


  1. Choose type of payment method that you want to pay either using your credit card or MEPS. If you have Maybank Visa Debit Card, then you can choose Visa. Key in the details and walla! SSM e-info will email the pdf copy of the Company profile to your registered email.


From Apr 20, 2011