After several years of declining property value in the Malaysian real estate market, sales are finally seeing an upward trend, with a .6% increase in volume of sales and a .3% increase in property value. Residential properties account for the majority of unsold properties in Malaysia, and setting your home apart from the rest is the best way to ensure making a sale and getting the most for your home. Buyers begin making judgments about your home as soon as they first see its exterior. By taking simple steps to improve your home’s kerb appeal, you can make a positive first impression and set the tone for the entire showing of your home. 

Clean Your Homes Exterior

Cleanliness, both inside and outside your home, is something potential buyers prioritize highly; but, according to Real Estate Cleavlnd, only about 10% of sellers keep their homes clean enough to meet buyers expectations. One of the easiest ways to improve kerb appeal is to deeply clean your windows, gutters, ceiling, shutters and siding. Just as you go to great lengths to stage the interior of your property and have it as clean as possible before a showing, it is equally important to give the outside of your home the same attention. Windows are one of a home’s most important features, as they impact energy efficiency, natural light exposure and both the interior and exterior style of your home. If you’ve invested a lot in your windows, they should be emphasized to garner buyer’s attention, and keeping them as clean as possible is the best way to showcase this feature. Dirty exterior paint and siding will also signal negligence and diminishes the visual appeal of the beautiful colors you’ve carefully selected for your home. Power washing the exterior of your home will make it appear bright and fresh, which is crucial for appealing to your buyer’s snap judgment.

Beautify Your Door and Entranceway 

The front entrance of your home sets the stage for your buyer’s expectations. If you live in a building, the door to your flat may be the only aspect of curb appeal you can customize. Investing in a bucket of paint is a relatively low-cost upgrade, and adding a splash of color to your door can make it appear more inviting. You can also spruce up your door by choosing a new, stylish doorknob, knocker and doorbell,  Adding a few potted plants and a welcome mat will give you a chance to show buyer’s more of the personality and style they can expect once they enter your home. Also make sure that your house number is prominently displayed near your entranceway, and carefully select a font style that matches the rest of your home’s exterior. 

A Little Landscaping Goes a Long Way

Landscaping can improve the value of your home by up to 20%,  and while it may not be in your budget to undergo a massive landscaping project, it’s worth it to invest some time in lawn maintenance. Landscaping may take some planning ahead, so begin focusing on your yard as soon as you make the decision to sell. Be sure to remove dead branches, weeds and debris from your front lawn, and keep your grass trimmed and manicured. Add splashes of color with flowers and plants, and lay fresh mulch to keep your garden fertilized and healthy. 

Making a good first impression is crucial when it comes to selling your property. Buyers will make a judgment within 30 seconds of viewing your home, and will carry that judgment with them throughout the rest of their viewing. Taking on a few small projects to improve your home’s kerb appeal can be your key to getting a sale in today’s competitive market.