My Streamyx Saga continues with searching for a new modem. I and my wife went to the nearest Computer shop in Jaya Jusco , Equine Park.We chose to buy a D Link modem cum router since its the only modem available. Then I told the story about my lightning problem with the sales person. He suggested to me to buy a Belkin Power Surge. It will block the surge/lightning from damaging my modem.Network

At that time, I realise that the lightning damage my modem thru phone cable and not power cable since the main fuse will cut excessive current when  lightning. So I have to spend more money to buy Belkin Power Surge to protect my modem from lightning. The D-Link cost me RM 99 + Belkin Power Surge RM 144 = RM 243.

I did ask the the sale person about modem setting since I already have Aztech Wireless Broadband router. He simply replied just plug and play. That easy..

Setting Problem with Aztech Modem Wireless and D-Link Modem with Router

When I got back home, immediately I unwrapped the box and install the D link modem and Belkin Surge Protector. The Belkin Power protector was easy to install, just plug in the phone cable thru the socket and plug in another cable to output and connect it to my modem.

As for modem, I configure it as usual. Connect my modem to Aztech Wireless Broadband Router direct using LAN cable. Whn I turn on my Acer laptop, there was no connection. Only local network.But no connection with internet.

So I tried connection with D-Link modem only without Aztech Wireless Router, the Internet and Streamyx seem to work fine.The problem was the connection or configuration setting of  D-Link Modem and Aztech Wireless Router. After giving a lot of thoughts and self testing, I gave up. It just did not work and I cannot connect to Internet wireless ly!

As usual I try to search and Google about configuration and setup tutorial in the net. But failed to find the solution.Until I asked Adi, he simply replied ” IP conflict”. He told me to change the IP address of modem or router since it use the same IP,, after changing the IP address of my Aztech Broadband Wireless Router, my internet life is back :).Thanks to Adi.

Back Online

Right now, I can surf internet without worrying about any lightning effect. Since I have Belkin protection and new D-Link modem. However, there is a simple solution for lightning protection for your modem.Just pull out the phone cable from your modem. Well I am not willing to sneak under my table to pull out phone cable during raining and put it back each time I want to use i. Just be safe.