My Experience with Maybank2u

Nowadays with new online technology and security there are still some of my friend that go to Bank ATM to make payment and money transfer.  They still feel insecure about online banking or have a lot of free time.

As for me, Maybank2uAll new maybank2u mobile app is my trusted  online banking since living outside Malaysia. Every month I will make money transfer and payment from my Maybank saving account. Although before this  I had a problem to receive TAC code.

This is because Maybank do not recognise overseas phone number to send TAC code. So I have to bought a prepaid U Mobile and register with Maybank2u.

Luckily, I can receive TAC Maybank2u code thru sms even using U Mobile prepaid sim card. UMobile using Vodafone Network in Turkey. So every month I need to top up my UMobile prepaid with Maybank2u. I will use the U Mobile credit accumulated when I’m back in Malaysia. Yes, you can use Malaysian telco to receive TAC code as long as your mobile use local network provider when travel to oversea.

New Maybank2U Mobile Apps

However for Maybank2u mobile app, I had a bad experience using it. Lack of useful features and some time hang during login process. I prefer using the Maybank2u online desktop version. Until I read on Maybank2u website that new mobile up is coming.

On March 7, 2016, Maybank has updated and enhance their Maybank2u Mobile Android Apps. First created in 2011 with 2 million downloads and numbers are increasing each day. I download and install on my Asus phone.

The all-new mobile Maybank2u apps have added 7 new features :

  1. Mobile Transfer
    • Cardless Withdrawal – With this new app, you can send money to anyone and recipient can withdraw without an ATM card.
    • Credit to Account – Transfer fund to anyone just using their mobile number. Yup, you can do pretty anything with mobile number nowadays.
  2. eSign-up – Make a Fixed Deposit placement.
  3. One-Off Bill Payment – Make an open bill payment for selected utility payees.
  4. Promotion – Get the get latest promotions on dining, shopping, travel and more.
  5. ARound Me – Scan your surrounding and find nearby Maybank branches, ATMs and promotions within 2km from where you are. This is useful when you travel and outstation.
  6. Share It – Like something on the Maybank2u app? We’ve made it easy for you to share it on Facebook and Twitter. Sharing is caring rite!
  7. Apply Online – Experience the simple steps to open our existing current account product i.e. Maybank2u.Premier.

Easy Mobile Transfer With Mobile Number

Maybank2u Mobile App UI

This feature come in handy when you are outside and need to transfer money urgently.

Recipient will be able to receive the funds via:

Cardless Withdrawal – withdraw cash at any Maybank ATM or;
Credit to Account – deposit the funds directly to account using the mobile app.

Steps to Send Money to a Mobile Number:

Step 1: Go to Funds Transfer and select Mobile Transfer.
Step 2: Key in the amount and select option for Recipient to receive funds i.e. Cardless or Credit to Account.
Step 3: Provide the SMS Code to Recipient for collection.

Steps to Receive Money via Cardless Withdrawal:
Step 1: Get the SMS Code from Sender.
Step 2: Go to any Maybank ATM and enter the SMS Code and Transaction ID for verification.
Step 3: Collect your cash!

Steps to Receive Money via Credit To Account:

Step 1: Get the SMS Code from Sender.
Step 2: Launch the M2U Mobile App. Select Mobile Transfer without logging in to M2U.
Step 3: Enter the SMS Code and Transaction ID for verification.
Step 4: Choose your desired bank and key in your account number.
Step 5: Your money will be deposited at real-time!

maybank2u mobile transfer

So far the Maybank2u mobile apps, have not let me down. No crash and error or even hang.

For security make sure you don’t store your user id and password on your smartphone in case of stolen. 

Maybe on next entry I need to use mobile transfer to show how it really works.