Back in July 2017, Paypal announced its collaboration with Samsung Pay. Which allow consumers to use PayPal as a payment option. This partnership will provide PayPal users freedom to choose and money management.

But it is only today, PayPal made it happen by announcing that consumer can actually use PayPal within Samsung Pay
and make a purchase at the millions of retailers that accept Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay user can load their PayPal account with the debit card found in their PayPal wallet while earning Samsung Rewards points.

I think this a good news for people who actually make money online using PayPal. They can just use their money that they earn online without hassle to transfer it or cash out to a local bank.

With Samsung Pay works with both NFC and MST, you can swipe or tap a card. You don’t have to carry a lot of cash and easy to use.

How To create a PayPal top-up card within Samsung Pay :

On Samsung Pay home screen, Tap “+” symbol on upper right hand
Select “Add PayPal” in the “Add payment card section”
If you have One Touch enabled, the account will be provisioned. If not, you’ll need to input your account credentials.
Press “Next” and enter a pin for in-store purchases
Select a Debit or bank funding source to top-up the account
Press “Agree & Continue” and you’re all set!

PayPal guarantees that when a consumer uses a phone to pay in stores, it doesn’t send their actual payment
information to merchants. Instead, PayPal will use a virtual account number tokenization system that will represent
user account info.This will limit the information shared to a merchant and protect user privacy.

Samsung Pay is a unique and interesting virtual wallet available. This is because Samsung smartphone can interact
with a traditional magnetic stripe which makes it can be widely used. Samsung Pay also offers great security features such as biometric authentication, tokenization of payment credentials and Samsung’s Knox security platform.

Source: PayPal