My sister in law experienced the worst nightmare in her life. She was charged for a crime that she did not commit. All she really did was being innocent and credulous. She was being used to a apply for car loan. Now she has to attend court in Penang for failing to pay the car installment. It’s not a Proton Wira or MyVi, it’s a Toyota ALPHARD.


It all began when her retired husband started to work as a supervisor in Gurun Kedah. The company was owned by her husband’s nephew where they supplied labor and did civil works. The company was actually managed by the nephew’s wife. Everything was going well and the company received many projects. My sister in law even decided to move there and bought a house.

Problems started when the nephew’s wife died. Before this all project and financial matters were controlled and managed by his wife. He was sad for only 2 months. After that he started a spending spree . He bought new car Toyota Alphard and Lexus using the company’s money.

He could not use his name to buy the cars because he was already blacklisted. So he asked my sister in law to use her name for the bank loan. The bait was, the Lexus will be given to her husband. So she agreed to use her name for the bank loan. To do that, they appointed her to be the company’s chairperson and created some fake salaries information. A photocopy of her IC and other related documents were submitted to the bank. I believe that loan application involved inside job. If not, the bank would have not easily approved her application. All the while, she never received any salary from the company. She’s just a house wife living in kampung.


With a brand new car, it was easy to attract young girls. He fell in love just a few months after his wife’s death. Love destroyed it all. Love made him blind. Company finance went into turbulence. Workers were not paid. Most of the project suspended due to financial problems. Payments from clients were used to finance his new girlfriend for shopping and holidays.
As a result, payment for the car monthly installment was pending for 6 months. The bank kept calling my Sis In law for the payment. The funny thing was that, he already sold the Toyota Alphard to a 3rd party without my Sis In Law knowledge. The car is still in my SIL name and now nowhere to be found. The bank is still asking for the payment because the 3rd party apparently did not pay for the car monthly installment as well. Problem was not solved.
My Sis In Law made a police report claiming that her car was stolen. But last month when she checked with JPJ, the car’s roadtax has been renewed. Thanks to myEG, you can renew you car insurance and road tax online. A lot of efforts has been made to search for the car.

Poor Sis In Law. Last wednesday she had to appear for her first hearing in court for her case. Pity her, she has been used. A lesson learned here. Never allowed other people or relatives to use your name to apply for bank loan under your name. You never know what will happen in the future. Like my wife said, if its your car that you are facing trial for then it is worth it. But my Sis In Law is facing trial for a car that she did not own.
All this problem started when you trusted your relatives and allowed them to use your name. This is a hard lesson to learn.