1. Remain calm, your money is still in there. Unless there is some robber try to pull the machine with a truck. Then you should be worry or maybe scream loudly for help : )

2. Take every details that you can. Cash deposit machine number, time of incident, which bank and take any receipt if it’s available.

3. If the incident happen during office hours and at the bank, you can immediately go to the Customer Service and inform them about your money that stuck in the Cash Deposit Machine (CDM). They will provide you with a form to fill in. Fill in the details like your contact number and account number that you wish to deposit the money. Submit the form to Bank’s Chief Cashier. They cannot open the CDM right away because the Chief Cashier do not hold the key. You have to wait for 3 working days.

Cash Deposit Machine

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Tips: Keep calling the bank the next day. Ask for the Chief Cashier. In my case, I got my money back just the next day. 🙂

4. But if you bank in not at bank maybe at petrol pump or at night, you can straight away call the customer service number. Usually the Customer Service number will be available on the CDM so no worries. Provide details to the Customer Service such as CDM number, what bank,account number and contact number.The customer service will provide you with report number. Keep that for future reference.  A few Bank Customer Service Number for your reference.

  • Maybank Customer Service – 1-300 88 6688 or 603-7844 3696
  • CIMB Customer Care Hotline – 1-300-880-900 anytime anywhere!
  • Public Bank Customer Service-1-800-22-5555

Make sure you call the Customer Service to check your report status and your money. By referring your report number.

Base on my experience, the CDM machine got stuck when it fails to process the money properly. Maybe something wrong with its roller and got jammed. So if you suspect suspicious activity on the machine. Better don’t use that machine. Hehe.