Sending Money to Malaysia

Living abroad in Turkey is quite challenging. My first impression when I came to Ankara is that weather would be my big problem. Communication and food should be no problem. But I was wrong. Communication is a big problem here. English is not their favourite subject I think.

Eating in a restaurant shouldn’t be much problem, as I can point what food I want and pay. But when using Bank service like Western Union here is quite trouble some. I need to send money by Western Union to Malaysia. After asking a few banks, I find that Turkish Economy Bank (TEB) Ankara is the easiest. One of the staff can speak good English.

TEB Bank Ankara

But the problem is, the staff that handle my documents did not speak much English. I face a problem today, when I fill in the Western Union’s form as a receiver. I did not realise it until my brother told me . I rushed to the bank and explain to the English speaking lady . Then she helped me explained it to her friend at the counter. I am so relieved that I did not have to pay commission fee once more. I  just need sign a new form saying that I am the sender. 🙂


So I just want to share a few tips for expat who lives here in Turkey when using Western Union.

1. First of all, identify any staff that can speak English fluently, so that you can refer to her when you are facing problem

2. Bring your passport or Kimlik/ID

3. Pick up the form at the counter. Fill in all your details and address. Make sure you write your name at the Sender/Gonderen. and your receiver’s name at Receiver / Teslim Alan  box. Please double check.You can send money in USD, Euro and Lira.

TEB Bank Western Union Form

4. You can check the commission fee as per table below. If you wan to send USD 1000, you will be charged USD 52. You can also pay the commission fee in Lira. Make sure the amount of money that you are sending is in a multiple of 500. Because if you send USD 1150 you will be charged USD 78.

Western Union fees

 5. Then you will sign a receipt and the yellow one is your copy. Double check to make sure everything is right.

Western Union TEB Bank Receipt