At first I was surprised to receive this letter. Then it seem every month I will receive this anonymous letter and usually I will throw it away. I just don’t know how they get my office address and full name, but they are so persistence sending me this mail/brochure about Wat Natawee.

Basically I am not sure what is WAT NATAWEE is? According to Google its more like Thai Amulet and Buddhism. Not sure whether it is correct or not. But this brochure targeted people who like to buy 4D number and Magnum. There is an Indian guy with testimonial. He said that he won the first prize after consult Wat Natawee.

Well I never actually try to call the monk or maybe fortune teller. As a muslim, gambling is prohibited. Have you all watch Ngangkung. That film is a good example for hardcore gambler. How gambling habit can destroy a family and community.

For me there is no shortcut to get rich. Work hard and find a HALAL job. Barakah in our rezeki is the most important thing. Feed our family with HALAL rezeki, Insya ALLAH.