Introduce your friends to broadband and get rewarded!

Get rewarded when you sign up your friends.Round up all your friends today and sign them up for Streamyx!

On the one hand you get great money-back incentives for each successful sign-up.On the other, your friends also enjoy a rebate on their bill.Everybody wins!


, this is not a post paid, just want to share my experience on participating in this Member get Member programme Streamyx. TM did not pay me a dime on promoting/review about this program.Sharing si caring, I just wnat to give some tips and guide on this programme.

Remember my dial up friend, after keep failing to register with Broadband Streamyx, my friend asked me to register for him. Initially I thought I want to register online, but attracted with Member Get Member Programme.

You will be rewarded with small amount of money.Not much but at least you have something rite.

Guide To Register Online

From my experience, you have to prepare a few things before register online for this program;

1. You must have a valid Streamyx account and no pending payments. Because you have to log in to your Streamyx account to complete the registration.

2. Take all your friends details

  •           – IC Number
  •          – Address
  •         –  Phone Number
  •        –  Full Name
  •       –  Desired Login Id and Password
  •      –  Streamyx Package

3. Use Internet Explorer only, NO Chrome or Firefox.

After that log in to Streamyx Member Get Member Page , log in to your account and fill in your friend’s phone number and desired package.My advice is to choose Streamyx without modem, asked your friend to buy himself a new,reliable,stable modem. The one that TM give you is chokia and damn expensive.

Plus, select to choose self installation, because it’s so easy to install Streamyx in laptop or PC. Just save your friend’s money a lot. Ask him to belanja u makan at KFC or Pizza Hut with that RM 88.

  1. Then, the system will check whether your friend’s location have Streamyx coverage or not.
  2. If yes, the system will ask you to fill all your friend’s details.Name, Address, IC number , Login ID and password. When fill in all the details, make sure u fill in correctly and in a short time.
  3. If not, the stupid application will have system error, and you have to do it again.
  4. After successfully fill in all the details, make sure you remember your friend’s login id and password.Click submit and the system will show your application as received.
  5. Usually, it takes 48 hours for TM to create jumper, so just to make sure you can call TM, by dialling 100 from your fixed line or mobile 1 300 88 1515 to check your application status

For my case, my friend bought Belkin, ADSL 2 + Modem with Wireless G Router and Streamyx 512 kbps without modem.

One more tips, after all the led lights are stable, you can test your friend’s Streamyx line by using your own Streamyx login id and password.If you can connect to the internet then you can ask your friend to activate his account by sending sms to TM

For account activation, SMS to STXACTV <space> Login ID and send to 33535 three (3) days after registration. Each reply message from TM will be charged RM0.30 to customer’s mobile phone postpaid account or deducted from their prepaid balance. Telco SMS charges for each message sent shall be charged separately.

Vast Experience with TM

I believe with all your experience with TM and Streamyx problem, another Streamyx installation would not be a big problem rite. : ). Plus you can share all your experience with TM customer service with your friend.