COVid-19 has hit us all. We would never imagine that this day would come. When we have to be in our house and could not do anything besides working from home. (not to mention eating and sleep only)

The Malaysian government has announced new initiatives to ease the burden of Malaysian by allowing us to withdraw RM500 for 12 months from our Account 2, i-Lestari KWSP.

You can apply i-Lestari Withdrawal by online( i-Akaun), by email or by mail starting 1 April 2020. You can read more here, from FAQ KWSP official.

In details, the application form can be submitted via the following THREE (3) channels:

  1. Online (e-Pengeluaran via i-Akaun);
  2. OR By email to [email protected] (Form will be uploaded);
  3. OR By post/registered post to:
    Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja Karung Berkunci
    No 220, Jalan Sultan 46720 Petaling Jaya
    (Pengeluaran i-Lestari)


1. When can members submit an application for i-Lestari Withdrawal?
Members can submit an application for the i-Lestari Withdrawal starting 1 April 2020.

2. How much money can members withdraw under the i-Lestari Withdrawal facility?

The withdrawal amount permitted under i-Lestari Withdrawal is as follows:

  • A maximum of RM500 per month for a period of 12 months (1 year) subjected to the balance in Account 2 during the month of application;
  • Payment begins from the month where withdrawal application is received by the EPF till March 2021;
  • Withdrawals can be made within a period of one year (12 months) starting from April 2020 until March 2021 subject to para 2(i);
  • Payment for i-Lestari Withdrawal will commence from May 2020

3. Who is eligible to apply for i-Lestari Withdrawal?

Members that fulfil the following criteria are eligible to apply for i-Lestari Withdrawal:

  • Malaysian Citizen and Permanent Residents; and
  • Under the age of 55; and
  • Have savings in Akaun 2 subject to balance in Akaun 2 at the time of the payment being processed on the particular month.
  • Non-Malaysian Citizen (Phase 2)


4. Why the payment for i-Lestari Withdrawal is limited to RM500 per month and credited monthly?

The i-Lestari Withdrawal facility is intended to ease the financial burden of members and help them meet their basic monthly financial needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The maximum amount of RM500 a month is a reasonable amount in addition to the Member’s income to meet basic financial needs.

6. Why i-Lestari Withdrawal is limited to RM500 and can only be made once a month?

The monthly withdrawal frequency is designed to supplement the monthly source of income to help members meet their monthly basic financial needs.

7. Why i-Lestari Withdrawal is available for only one year?

The i-Lestari Withdrawal Facility is intended as a financial relief to assist EPF members continue their daily lives during the current period of COVID-19 pandemic. The Government will continue to monitor development of the current situation and the necessity of this facility from time to time. The financial impact of COVID-19 pandemic is expected to improve after this period.


How to Register and Activate i-Akaun KWSP

If you prefer an online method, then i-Akaun is the best choice. Just make sure you still have enough balance in your Account 2. If you already made a withdrawal in Account 2 for House Loan Repayment then i-Lestari is not for you.

The EPF has made it easier for our members to access their EPF savings through i-Akaun (Member), where you can also monitor your contributions and apply for withdrawals easily.

Step 1

Get your temporary User ID & Password from your nearest EPF office/kiosk. This is an important step for you to get login id and password. Before you can register online.

Step 2

Open your internet browser and click to, go to the ‘Member Login’ section and use the temporary User ID & Password sent via SMS to activate.
*Activation must be done within 30 days of receiving SMS

Step 3

Once you agree, you will need to choose a new User ID*, Password, Image and Secret Phrase.

*If the User ID is not chosen, you can use your temporary ID

Step 4

Once activation is complete, you will get a successful notification on your screen.

Step 5

Login with your new account details and you are now in charge of your EPF savings.


EPF i-Lestari Account 2 Withdrawal Facility

  1. i-Lestari withdrawal facility:
    1. Withdrawal from members’ Account 2
    2. A maximum withdrawal of RM500 per month
    3. Savings to be deposited in members’ bank accounts starting May 2020
    4. Facility is effective for a maximum period of 12 months
  1. Registration:
    1. Starting 1 April 2020 for email and post
    2. Starting 1 May 2020 for online
  1. Withdrawal application:
    1. Online application encouraged due to speed and ease (processing to complete within 3 days)
    2. Manual application will take longer as verification process will be done manually
  1. Additional details will be published on EPF’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts soon.
  1. EPF members are reminded to be cautious of scams offered by irresponsible parties by dealing directly with the EPF.