7 Corrupted Postmen

This is what happened when Government officer gang up with criminals.  Can you guys imagine a group of seven postmen opened letters containing credit cards, changed the microchips of the cards with fake ones and then delivered them to the applicants. 7 postmen involved in this credit card fraud. I believe its a work of professional to change the microchips without being noticed by the applicants. This syndicate really understand how the bank activate their credit card after applicants receive their credit card. The modus operandi :

1. Credit card company issues credit card via mail

2. The postmen, involved in syndicate intercept credit cards, replace the genuine microchips with fake one.

3. Credit card repackged and sent off to their rightful applicants.

4. National Registration Department officer in cahoots with syndicates acquires the credit card applicant’s mothers name through the NRD database to activate the cards. (This is where they need a good woman and man impersonator to convince the bank officer during activation)

5. Syndicate members will go on shopping using the new credit cards before unauthorized usage was reported by the applicants.

Base on my experience, bank officer will call you after you made your first credit card spending. Since the activation can be made, so the syndicate will have no problem to confirm with bank officer.  Thanks to our Royal Malaysian Police  for doing a good job. So accoridng to the police, credit card syndicate consists of 7 postmen, 1 NRD officer, 2 man and 3 woman who impersonated the real applicants for card approval.

Our Personal Information is at risk

According to the police “The syndicate had racked up between RM500,000 and RM1mil in credit card charges for purchases of luxury items including electronic goods,” The funny thing was, all the postmen only received RM 50 – RM 100 for each card that they opened and intercepted. Its really disgusting to see how low can this postman be. They should honour people trust on them. Especially the NRD officer, if this person can give our personal details just like that, then our personal details security is questionable. How can this NRD officer retrieve our information just like that and give it to 3rd party. NRD department should enhance their security  fast. What will happen if somebody change your name,address and other details on the database. Think about that.