In Malaysia, gross rental yields range between 2.3 and 5.4 percent, according to Buying property in Malaysia and then renting it out to tenants is a good way to build wealth. Unless you buy real estate properties outright, your tenants will supply you with monthly income which helps to cover your mortgage,  with profits to spare. If you purchase multiple properties and rent them out, you’ll establish a real estate empire that is scalable. This quick guide will show you how to use the Web to source out good properties, how to get a property ready for rental and how to maximize your financial investment in real estate.

Use the Web to source out good properties

Technology is making it easier for prospective landlords to view properties online, according to, seeing a property is vital in terms of deciding whether to buy it or look for something better. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, such as 360-degree pictures, and VR (virtual reality), it’s possible to view properties online without missing a single thing. While you should inspect a property personally before you sign on the dotted line, you’ll find that high-tech online services make it easier than ever to create a short list of viable properties, one of which may be the perfect rental unit or units. New ways of viewing properties cut down on the time and energy involved with vetting real estate opportunities.

Get a property ready for rental

If you’re not ready to be a full-time landlord, you have another option. You may list your property for short-term rental via an online platform. Right now, one hundred and eighty thousand properties are listed for short-term rental in Malaysia. If you prefer to be a full-time landlord, you’ll need to ensure that you understand your legal responsibilities, as well as the specific rights that your tenants will have. You’ll also need to ensure that your property is safe, in good condition and appealing to prospective tenants. Lastly, you’ll have to decide if you want to manage day-to-day issues on your own, or hire a property management firm to do it for you.

Use your profits to buy more properties

Everyone has different investment goals. If getting rich and enjoying financial stability are your goals, you should roll profits from your rental property into buying more rental properties. If you’re willing to educate yourself, do the hard work and take some risks, becoming a landlord will be the stepping stone to owning a series of Malaysian properties that become a huge nest egg. You’ll always be able to borrow from the equity that you establish in these properties, so they may also be considered a rainy-day fund.

View properties for sale online today

Now that you know why becoming a landlord is a good way to access steady returns and accumulate properties that help you to enjoy the ideal lifestyle down the line, why not check out properties for sale online? There are Malaysian real estate firms that use the latest technology to give prospective buyers the ultimate online viewing experiences. When you choose this form of real estate investment, you’ll be choosing a time-honored method of acquiring wealth.