First of all, I would like to thanks all of my reader since my blog is no 4 in Google search page for the  keyword “tunemoney”. That is after itself. 🙂 As my friend always mention, “What you give you will get back”.

Back to my mission to cash out my paypal account, as mention here. I called several time using my handphone at 600 83 7999, but failed. I even email to them since nobody call me for my application status.

After a few days, I got an idea to try to call that number using fixed line,


The line is through. After a few standard procedure question for verification, my card is already at POS office Tesco Shah Alam. The best thing was, will NOT call you to pick up the card. Just go the appointed POS office after 7 working days.

So my advice, just call first to make sure. Rather blindly asking the counter, and your card is still not available. Wasting time and money, right?. Tunecard is still new since my number is 140,and the first person to pick up at POS office Tesco Shah Alam.Even the lady at the counter still got to be assist by her supervisor.

Just bring your IC, sign a few documents and pay RM 3 to them.That’s all. After that sign at the back of the card, and activate it.


How to activate Visa Debit Card  at

  1. Log in to
  2. Enter password and user id
  3. Enter your answer for verification question.(Please remember it during registration,even space is counted)
  4. Click Tune card
  5. Enter your card number and expired date as written in the card
  6. Click activate, if success you will deduct RM 9.99 for annual fee
  7. You can top up your account at post office and CIMB , simple as that
Now I am ready to add my Tunecard Visa to my PayPal account..before that if you like  traveling and using Airasia you should sign up for 🙂