I was about to transfer some donations to a personal Maybank account. After I key in my TAC number, I received: Unsuccessful – Account is not authorized. Reject Code: [0076]

I was quite surprised. Because I am pretty sure that I still have sufficient balance. So I did some research on Maybank Facebook Page. I found out that error code 0076 refers to account not authorized normally due to:

  1. Account status (account dormant/ inactive and maximum transaction numbers in audit trail).
  2. For fund transfer, either sender or/ and recipient account reached the maximum limit of account transaction number (audit trail).
  3. Account status (account blocked due to loan/ credit card payment issue).
  4. The amount payable is not matched with the outstanding/ due amount (for credit card/ loan payment).

Audit Trail

So my guess is that maybe the account has too many transactions. Did you know that for Savings Accounts, the number of transactions that can be done is limited to 30 pages/bank book pages or 120 transactions within the 5th to 20th day of the month or the 21st to the 4th day of the following month?

This is because savings accounts are intended for savings or income/salary credits. If your account has a high account transaction frequency, your ‘audit trail’ of your account will be full and transactions are not possible.

How To Solve

To resolve this, please bring your ID, ATM card and bank book (if available) and visit the nearby Maybank branch counter for the branch to assist you in updating (clear audit trail) of your account.

If you intend to use an account for business purposes, Maybank will recommend that you apply for a current account opening that can accommodate an unlimited number of transactions.

You can request an M2U Premier account opening with a minimum deposit of RM500 only. Applications can be made online through Maybank2U. For more information, please refer to the following link:

http://goo.gl/z22Hu – Maybank2u.Premier

If you have Maybank2u access, you can apply by following the steps below:

> Login> Home> Apply Online> Maybank2u Premier

If you do not have Maybank2U access, you can apply by visiting Maybank2U’s website at www.maybank2u.com.my and follow the steps below:

Apply Online> Maybank Account> Maybank2u Premier

* Please note that this service operates from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm daily.

Source : https://www.facebook.com/Maybank/posts/765844856781679