Bank Request

I remember the last time when I tried to apply for a bank loan. The bank officer said now is the right time to apply for a loan. Because due to Covid-19, bank interest will be low and it easy to apply for a loan. So I believe I made the right decision.

In the end,  my loan did not get approved after providing him with a lot of documents such as my “surat beranak” or birth certificate, bank statement, my marriage certificate and etc. The reason was the company that I worked for was a new company.

I was about to give up then my house developer agent asked me to forward my application to RHB. Again I have to do the same thing provide him with the same 3 months bank statement and other documents

Alhamdulillah, my application was approved provided by my wife as guarantor. She is a public servant. So her payslip is useful you know.

The thing that I find quite stressful was to provide 3 months bank statement from online banking. The bank is quite particular about this because you have to provide a statement that shows your salary with your account number on the top.

So the easy way was to take a screenshot from your online banking statement and highlight your salary. So It will be easy for them to find it.

If you want to download the Maybank Savings Account statement, just make sure you remember your password. It might use your birthdate to open the pdf document.

How To Print Your Maybank Statement

There are 2 ways that you can find your Maybank Statement Online, either download a readymade 3 months statement quarterly after 8th onwards or using the transaction history.


For saving account statements, please be informed that for Maybank Savings account statement will be issued on a quarterly basis (Jan-March, Apr-June, July-Sept, and Oct-Dec). Just make sure you have the password that you set when opening the PDF file.

Please refer to the steps below to retrieve the Statement via Maybank2U:
> Login with your Maybank2u access
> Go to ‘Accounts’
> Go to ‘Particular Account’
> Select the ‘More Options Menu’ (three dots)
(The Preferred Account)
> Choose ‘View Statement’
> Choose ‘Statement Date’ (Top Right)

However, kindly be informed that the statement for each quarter will be made available after the 8th onwards of the following month of each quarter. For example statement for the third quarter of 2020 (July-Sept) will be available after the second week onwards of the following month (October 2020) by batches.
Should you require the latest transaction details of your account, you may get the transaction history via Maybank2U to have the latest 3 months transaction. You may follow the below steps to get the account transaction history:

> Login with your Maybank2u access
> Go to ‘Accounts’
> Go to ‘My Accounts’
> Select the ‘More Options Menu’ (three dots)
(The Preferred Account)
> Choose ‘View Details’
> Scroll Down > Choose ‘All Transaction History’/’Debit Card Transaction’/’M2U transaction’
> Choose ‘Last 30 days’/’Last 60 days’/Last 90 days’

You may print the transaction history by screenshot the page or via your browser print option. You may walk into any nearby Maybank branch to get the endorsement.

Maybank Bank Statement PDF Password

Your password for viewing is created upon registration of Email Statement Delivery on Maybank2u.

Alternatively you can set your password option to be defaulted as your Date of Birth in ddMmmYYYY format (e.g. 01Jan1980)

Can’t remember your password? Re-register for Email Statement Delivery with your new password**.

*For Email Statement Delivery requested via Customer Care or Branch, password will be defaulted to your Date of Birth in ddMmmYYYY format (e.g. 01Jan1980)

**New password will apply for subsequent statements.