Introduction to LInux
I would say that I am still a newbie in Linux. Still have to learn a lot of thing. But I really like the idea of Linux. The knowledge that we can share and improve the technology. Watch the video and you will understand the history behind Linux. 20 years ago, Linus Trovald is just another computer nerd who change the history of computing. He was so naive at that time. The famous Linus is so humble till now his blog is only using blogspot here.

But I was surprised that even though not many people know about Linux. Actually every people are using it without they knowing it. Let’s face it, Linux is powering the server taht deliver Facebook, Google, eBay, Amazon and twitter. We use Linux literally every time we use internet. How awesome is that. I am so proud that I am able to learn Linux hehe.

Get to know about LINUX now!

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Linux and watch the Story of Linux to remember – or learn for the first time – how Linux disrupted a market and has begun to change the world. There is no limit to know about Linux. You can try Linux Distro such Ubuntu, Linux Mint or even learn the Linux kernel if you are a programmer and developer. Remember its FREE.

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