With the Malaysian government announcing i-Lestari, many users tries to login back to i-Akaun KWSP online platform. Like me also, I forgot my password and have to rely on my google password manager.

If you already forgot your password for i-Akaun KWSP and have could not retrieve your password back. The best way is to use Forgotten User ID / Password function on the KWSP website.

Before using the Forgotten User ID / Password function, members are required to register their mobile numbers to receive TAC. Registration can be done at any EPF Kiosk or Counter.

  1. Go to http://www.kwsp.gov.my
  2. Choose Login to Member (i-Akaun)
  3. Click on Forgot User ID / Password?
  4. Choose either one (User ID Only / Password Only / User ID and Password)
  5. Enter Member ID No. Or EPF No.
  6. Click on Request TAC to get the TAC number
  7. Verify the mobile number that has been registered for receiving TAC and click Confirm
  8. Notice that TAC will be sent to the registered mobile number will be displayed. Click Close to proceed
  9. Enter the TAC Number (6 digits) received via SMS. Click Next
  10. Create New Password and key in again to confirm (8 – 20 alphanumeric characters. Example: password123)
  11. Click Submit
  12. Successful update screen will be displayed Members can proceed to log in to use i-Akaun