Making money online with AdSense is like  selling your content to your reader. A lot of factors has to be consider in order to get a click on expensive ads. In my experience sometime I got a lot of click nearly 20 plus but my AdSense earnings is still low. I just want to share and discuss a good article from AdSense website about why our AdSense’s earnings go up and down over time.

Changes in how advertisers have set up and bid for their ads

All of this time I only concentrate on keywords and traffic. It didn’t occurs to me that advertiser play an important role on my AdSense earnings. According to AdSense team, advertiser will try to optimize their ad campaigns and often experiment with different keywords and ads, and also change the sites they choose to target based on past performance.

Advertisers can choose to target specific sites by time of day, and may shift budgets based on their specific advertising goals. In addition,    seasonality can affect bids — for instance, retail advertisers may increase their bids during specific times of the year when their sales tend to increase. We recommend learning how the ad auction works, and how these types of changes can impact your earnings.

As you can see there, its really up to advertiser. That is why even though I get thousand traffic from Malaysia for certain keywords, the AdSense Ad that will be displayed usually quite cheap compare to Ads displayed for traffic from US or Europe. So this why your earning can change rapidly.

Other Factor that will effect your AdSense earning are :

  • The ads your users choose to click – This is direct to the point. Usually the expensive AdSense Ads will be place on the highest click through rate (CTR). Usually above the fold and fast loading. So you should maximise your earnings by putting your Adsense Ad there. One more thing,remember that not all ad are price the same so just pray that your reader will click the most expensive ad :).
  • Your traffic levels – Of course traffic plays important role in your earnings. target your keyword well and make sure the keywords are hot not only for Malaysian but also for other countries such as US or UK. So if your traffic drop, then probability to get a click will be less.
  • Your ad targeting- Basically all your AdSense Ads will be displayed base on your keyword. So how Google detect your keyword. Simple, by suing Google bot. It will crawl all your pages to find the best ads for your website. So it’s important to check your pages for potential crawling problems. If Google Bot fail to crawl your pages,then unrelevant ads will be displayed to your pages. Then you will not get a click from your reader as they will be not interested on the AdSense Ads that is not related to their interest.
  • Imagine this, one guy find your site when they search about Blackberry App. But all the AdSense Ads is all about blogging. The ads was base on your early entry about blogging years ago. Will this guy click AdSense Ad about blogging when he wants to know more about Blackberry Apps. Check your Google Crawler status at Google Webmaster. In addition, after you update your site, it can take our crawler up to 48 hours to visit your pages and update your ad targeting.