Everytime when I switch on my laptop and surf internet. The first 4 site that I will check are my Gmail, Facebook,Malaysiakini and Adsense Earning. Eventhough I don’t update my blog for 2 months. Just hoping that miracle happen and reader will click my Adsense Ad on my old post. I realise that to increase my Adsense earning, I have to write and update my blog regularly with fresh content . That is the only way. Hoping for people to read my old post and click my Adsense Ad is just selfish.

Earn 0.2 cent – USD 1 per day

Luckily, my old posts still produce small amount of money from Adsense. That is the beauty of Adsense and SEO. Reader will be able to search your old post related with their keyword search. But 20 cent is peanuts compare to my friend who earned USD 5 to USD 10 perday with his Black SEO technique hehe. Using hot keyword and make user click hot girl picture. mm so not me. Againts Google TOS. So be careful when triying to attract traffic. You might get caught by Google. Seriously.

Pagerank Update : PR 3

Thanks to Google for purifeid my blog. For the last 2 years my blog was PR 0. Until this April, my blog now upgrade PR 3. The funny thing is I rarely update my blog but still my PR increased. 🙂 But who care, Google has been so generous. No more punishment to my blog.

Hopefully with PR3, it wil inspired me to write more often. But blogging not only for trying to make money online, but also to sharing with others .Am I being sincere here hehe ..How about you ?