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Great news, I got invitation from Google to use Inbox on 6 Nov 2014. So I want to give these 2 invites to you. Help me to choose by giving a creative comment below on why should you get the invite. The 2 most creative will get the invites. On Tuesday, Nov 11,Veterans Day I will announce the winner. Good LUCK!
Inbox Invite Free

Inbox Invite 2

Inbox by Google is awesome, where you can organize your email efficiently. You also can add your own reminder, bundle similar messages. Create your own bundle and UI is clean and minimal.

Tips for new Inbox Users
You can install Inbox on your smart phone and Chrome Browser only. Some tips on getting used to the new Inbox
3 Words, Snooze, Pin, Sweep
1) Snooze emails means you want to get rid of the emails, but want to read it on the selected time.
2) Pin the emails means you want the stick the email in the inbox and need to follow up on
3) Sweep means your clear inbox by removing unwanted and low priority emails from your inbox. Don’t worry, they are still in Done List.
Create Your Own Bundle
Group your email with one line of item for a group of emails. All Bundles will be at your left panel. You can create other than default Bundle such as Travel, Purchases, Finance, Social, Updates, Forums and Promos. Maybe you want to add Personal bundle or Affiliates and group all related emails in to it.
Combining Snooze and Reminder
You can create a reminder of things that you want to do and snooze it. The reminder will then pop back into your Inbox on the date you chose.
You also can see your “Task” list, by clicking Reminders in the main menu, and the Snooze date will be shown on the right. So you will know when all your reminder is due.
By clicking Snooze on the main menu, you can see all your messages and reminder. You can also add a reminder and snooze it on top of the email that you snooze. So you will remember what to do with the email.
Choose Between Inbox or Gmail
It’s really a tough choice actually to choose your default email client on your smart phone. Maybe you will be quite confuse to use the Inbox since you have been using Gmail all this while. With Gmail, now you can add other than Gmail accounts. Inbox is still new and can have a lot of improvements. There will be no problem to have both installed on your smart phone. You can even stop notification from either Inbox or Gmail.


This blog, Inbox 101, also describes in details on how to use Inbox. Enjoy promotion Inbox Video by Google.