Yes, good news for Adsense Publisher here in Malaysia.
You can wire transfer your income straight to your bank, either Maybank or CIMB bank. It may take 3 days working days but still you can save money and time then going to the bank for cashing out Adsense income using Western Union.

Split Adsense Payment

Plus, Western Union maximum cash out  is  only USD 2700. How do I know ? I read from Adsense Forum above ,  a Malaysian guy asked why his Adsense payment is pending.  Adsense Publisher explained that it is  better to use Wire Bank transfer because it just need one transaction only. Rather than using Western Union Quick Cash that need to split to 4 transactions due to the limitation. He make USD 9000 per month with Adsense. Can you believe that.

So making money with Adsense is not a big deal to him. He only cares about how to cash out the money. If only if I make that kind of money with Adsense, Google can send my money anyway that they want 🙂 .

How To Change Payment Setting to Bank Wire Transfer

1. Log in to you Adsense Account and go to Payment Setting
click manage

2. Click Manage at How do you get paid section

3. Click Add a new payment method
Adsense Payment Setting

4. Click Wire Transfer to Bank Account

add new payment method

5. Fill in your name, bank account number and swift bank number. Refer here of your local bank swift bank number.

Swift code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank.

fill in bank information

This payment method is really a big relief to me. Since I am here in Turkey and Google Adsense income payment using Western Union is not supported here. So with Bank Wire Transfer I can save money and time to the bank. Thank you Google.