Run Out Of Space

After I got back from Istanbul Trip, I received an email from Google stating that I have run out of space for full-size photo uploads. The free 15 GB limit is not enough for me now.

I never thought that this day would come as 15 GB should be enough for photos and video. But I did not realise that Google has stored a lot of my photos when was a student back then. All of the pictures and videos are well kept. I can browse all my photo gallery from 2003 till now. I would like to thank Google for that.

The free 15 GB storage is actually being shared across Google Drive, Google Mail and Google Photo. So when you are run out of storage you wont be able to store photo at full size and no files to Google Drive.

100 GB is a GOOD Deal

Google Storage Price

That is why I decided to upgrade my storage to 100 GB. There are 5 reasons why should we upgrade our Google Storage.

  1. Obviously to save more high resolution picture and video. Nowadays with smartphone like iPhone and Samsung Note, a lot of data is transferred and shared thru phone. Picture and video are shared thru Whatsapp group so you need to save all this to your Google Drive. Sometime you can have hundreds of pictures shared in one day only thru Whatsapp group. All of this media can be sync to Google Drive easily.
  2. I want to make sure all my photos and videos are save in high resolution for my future reference. Who knows I might have the chance to show it to my grandchildren one day.
  3. By upgrading, I can ensure that all my documents and files are available online. Your external drive might be corrupted or even your PC can be infected by virus. By having extra storage online might save your a lot of  time and money.
  4. Cheaper in a sense that you pay monthly for only 2 Dollar. You might argue that Dropbox offer better Dollar per Storage. But it only offers minimum upgrade 1 TB and 10 USD per month.
  5. Stronger security. Recently I have enable 2 step verification to login to my Gmail. Change to stronger password. This to make sure that my account is safe and I trust Google for that. Maybe I am not that famous celebrity like Jennifer Lawrence, but still this hacker will try anything to hack your account.

The most important thing is backup and secure your file and data. Enable 2 step verification for all your accounts. If you have a lot of picture and file to sync online just upgrade for 2 dollar per month. If you cannot afford it, maybe you can try other free online storage like Mega and Skydrive to save your file.