1_google_logo Its not a rumours anymore, Google is really serious to create Google Games by investing $ 100 to $ 200 Million to Zynga according to TechCrunch.3187v10-max-250x250 As we all know Zynga a popular social game developer such as Farmville, Frontierville and host other games in Facebook. According to PC World , there is a strong hint that Google Games will set to launch end of this year.

I would not surprise as Social Game is the main attraction for user to stick to their laptop hours and become addicted. A lot of them(including me) willing to pay to get more special items and energy :). Online payment such as PayPal is easy to use. Just give your PayPal email address and click. I just hope that Google Game will not only use Google Checkout as payment gateway and replace PayPal. Hopefully they will use open payment gateway.

Zynga’s games are heavily social, of course, which means Google Games will also be heavily social. Now, consider the Google Me rumors that have been circulating ever since Digg’s Kevin Rose spilled the beans on Twitter (the tweet has since been deleted) and the pieces start to fit together. No one knows for sure what Google Me really is: it could be Google Profiles on steroids or it could be something brand new.

Yes, Google now are preparing to overtake Facebook by having all the pieces. Google Buzz, Google Profiles, Picasa and now Google Game. Lets not forget about Google Me as Kevin Rose spilled the beans on Twitter. I have the instinct that Google will combine all this service to create new brilliant social network to compete with Facebook. Last time we have Friendster and Myspace, as Facebook is the numero uno in social network by having another one from Google can push Facebook to improve their service. (especially privacy issue)

As a true Google fan, I will support and continue to use google service. From Adsense, Gmail, Chrome, Calendar, Reader, Buzz and also Google Talk, hopefully Google OS will become reality next year