Nowdays, Facebook is so popular that spammer like to trap Facebook users to click spam links. When you click it, it will automatically post on your FB wall and tagged all your friend. So in my example here, even Dato’ Seri Anwar is not sparred with spam picture. So how to report this to Facebook Admin.

Sexy and hot picture of girl is always used to gain click. People tend to click link with sexy picture above it. That is normal sense. So be careful when your friend tagged you with this kind of picture. If you confirmed that this is a spam, take this step to mark is as spam.

1. Click X at the right of the post/picture. Click Mark as spam.

2. A new menu will pop out. Select theĀ appropriate details of the photo. In this case, it is a spam. You can even report if the picture is your intellectual property.

3. That is all. Once Facebook received this report, they will take further action to remove this spam.