During this year’s F8, Timeline was announced by Mark Zuckerberg. This new interface is said to be an easy way to rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important moments. It also lets you share new expereinces, like the music you listen to the miles you run.

How to Activate Timeline

To activate Timeline, its easy just go to  Introducing Timelines page and click the box to start using Timeline feature. Since this Timeline is still new and fresh. Facebook is offering you a seven day to familiar with the feature and publish your Timeline. So that, you can make adjustment and tweak where necessary.

Plus, the Timeline will not be only available for website full versio, but will also be available through its mobile facebook and Android app.

Welcome to Your Timeline
Only you can see your timeline during your 7-day preview. This gives you a chance to:

1. Review what’s on your timeline now, and add or hide whatever you want.
2. Click Publish Now or wait until your timeline goes live on 22 December. Learn More.

Facebook Timeline Cover

By using Facebook Timeline also, you can explore and be creative with Facebook Timeline Cover. Recently, Hongkiat.com has come out with 40 most creative Facebook Timeline Cover. You can check out a lot of creative idea on how to make your Timelie cover more unique. In fact, Hongkiat.com also throw in a Facebook time PSD template to guide you creating a unique Timeline cover accurately.

Come on, make your first Facebook Timeline Cover. Explore your creative minds!