After Opera release 11.60, now Mozilla has released their latest Firefox 9.0 web browser for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. You can download the final version of Mozilla Firefox 9.0 on the official FTP site of the Mozilla company.

Some might argue that the version number tend to confuse user since there is no major change from the previous one, only some improvement with java script and layout . We will have Firefox 16.0 by the end of next year hehe. Anyway, for me just appreciate what the developer had done. They all did a good job on developing a stable and fast internet browser. It’s not like we need to pay for it. Just +1 it ; )

I already tested Firefox 9.0 on my Linux Mint 12, and it is slightly faster than Firefox 8.0. Usually I will let Firefox to open several tab during startup. So I can open immediately my Adsense account, Reader and Nuffnang, so it save a lot of time.

Highlights of Mozilla Firefox 9.0:

  • Type Inference: Firefox 9.0 adds Type Inference to make JavaScript significantly faster. To learn more about how rich websites and Web apps with lots of pictures, videos and 3D graphics will load faster in Firefox, check out this blog post.
  • Mac OS X Lion Support: Firefox Beta has a new look that matches the Mac OS X Lion application toolbar and icon styles. Firefox Beta also supports the two finger swipe navigation gesture and makes it easier to use multiple monitors.
  • Do Not Track JavaScript Detection: Firefox Beta enables JavaScript to show developers when users choose to opt-out of behavioral tracking with the Do Not Track privacy feature.
  • Chunked XHR Support: Firefox Beta supports chunking for XHR requests so websites can receive data that’s part of a large XHR download in progress. This helps developers make websites and Web apps faster, especially those that download large sets of data or via AJAX.
  • If you’re a developer, please visit the Firefox for Developers page.