Sometime I fail to share a payment receipt after completing an online payment either through Maybank2U or CiMBClick. Something goes wrong during the transaction such a loss of internet or connection, and the receipt simply vanishes.

Usually when making an online payment or transfer to a seller or friend, you need to obtain a receipt.

When there is an internet outage or you  miss click and can’t preserve the payment receipt, it is really annoying.

The payment receipt will include all the information and demonstrate that the transaction was successfully completed.

After finish, you can no longer generate it. You have to  scroll back through the transaction history to review the details.

Find and Share Receipt

CIMB OCTO APP have the solution, worry no more.
We still can share the receipt the next day, just follow 3 step below :-
1. Just go to OCTO Transaction History
2. Tap on the transaction
3. Tap on ‘Share

Some might says that it just a small feature. But this small thing can save your time and headace.