D-Link Modem and Aztech Wireless Broadband Router :IP Conflict

My Streamyx Saga continues with searching for a new modem. I and my wife went to the nearest Computer shop in Jaya Jusco , Equine Park.We chose to buy a D Link modem cum router since its the only modem available. Then I told the story about my lightning problem with the sales person. He suggested to me to buy a Belkin Power Surge. It will block the surge/lightning from damaging my modem.Network

At that time, I realise that the lightning damage my modem thru phone cable and not power cable since the main fuse will cut excessive current when  lightning. So I have to spend more money to buy Belkin Power Surge to protect my modem from lightning. The D-Link cost me RM 99 + Belkin Power Surge RM 144 = RM 243.

I did ask the the sale person about modem setting since I already have Aztech Wireless Broadband router. He simply replied just plug and play. That easy..

Setting Problem with Aztech Modem Wireless and D-Link Modem with Router


When I got back home, immediately I unwrapped the box and install the D link modem and Belkin Surge Protector. The Belkin Power protector was easy to install, just plug in the phone cable thru the socket and plug in another cable to output and connect it to my modem.

As for modem, I configure it as usual. Connect my modem to Aztech Wireless Broadband Router direct using LAN cable. Whn I turn on my Acer laptop, there was no connection. Only local network.But no connection with internet.

So I tried connection with D-Link modem only without Aztech Wireless Router, the Internet and Streamyx seem to work fine.The problem was the connection or configuration setting of  D-Link Modem and Aztech Wireless Router. After giving a lot of thoughts and self testing, I gave up. It just did not work and I cannot connect to Internet wireless ly!

As usual I try to search and Google about configuration and setup tutorial in the net. But failed to find the solution.Until I asked Adi, he simply replied ” IP conflict”. He told me to change the IP address of modem or router since it use the same IP,, after changing the IP address of my Aztech Broadband Wireless Router, my internet life is back :).Thanks to Adi.

Back Online

Right now, I can surf internet without worrying about any lightning effect. Since I have Belkin protection and new D-Link modem. However, there is a simple solution for lightning protection for your modem.Just pull out the phone cable from your modem. Well I am not willing to sneak under my table to pull out phone cable during raining and put it back each time I want to use i. Just be safe.

Beware of Horny ‘Girl’ Online

Flirting Online

A friend of mine met a girl online, through Facebook actually. This girl seem normal like other oversea student she claimed she was until sex topic is brought up. She tend to get excited about that. So, from Facebook chat, they moved to Yahoo Messenger. When the conversation become juicier they use Skype for voice/video conference.Of course you know for what :).


But my friend never saw her face online only her voice. When asked to show her video, she will decline and will give 1001 excuses. My friend suspect something is wrong as this girl insisting on watching video of him getting naked. Until one incident,where the girl voice sound like a man when orgasm hahaha. My friend totally cut of any communication with her/him after that.

I laughed when he told me this story. He just nearly show his naked body video to all over the world.

For your info, last year a syndicate base in Sabah  has been caught by Malaysian Police for blackmail horny guy with their naked video. Using Voice Cloak software and Skype. Nowdays people will do anything to get easy money.

Modus Operandi

  • Act like oversea student
  • Use Yahoo Mesengger at first and start to video conference using Skype.
  • Use fake picture
  • Use Cloak software to produce female voice (thanks to ADI)
  • Call your mobile handphone for proof
  • Will do anything to get your video naked
  • Asking money when they get hold of your explicit video- Gotchaa

Lesson to be learned

Guys, please don’t fall for easy prey. Never ever show your censored video to other third party. Even the girl in Skype is screaming for it 🙂

SEO Experiment with Amber Chia



Last week, I happened to buy a Harian Metro, a local Malaysian newspaper. As usual it just ordinary news untill I saw a small picture of Amber Chia on top with the title “Amber Chia pose topless in Hong Kong”. :).

Amber Chia  is an Malaysian model. She was born in Ipoh, Malaysia, but grew up in the city of Tawau, in Sabah, East Malaysia. She began her modeling career at seventeen, after being discovered in Kuala Lumpur, where she was working as an accountant. Chia gained international fame after winning the 2004 Guess Watches Timeless Beauty Contest, which was a global model search for Guess Watch’s brand ambassador worldwide. The win also meant that Chia became the first Asian model ever to win a top global professional modelling contest.

So I quickly move to the news and read the whole story. Of course there are no topless picture of her, but the author described very detail about her picture. So, are you thinking what I am thinking ? (more…)

Want Website Traffic? Start A Free Blog!

Wheadphones_72hat do you do  if  you want to write about this specific niche but Tammy here explains better than you, hmm. Take his article and post it in your blog :). Relax guy, it’s legal ok and it’s free. Where to find it ?  WAHM e-zine. Just find your favorite topic and click. Anyway you can submit your article and increase your traffic too. Readers who like your article will post and link to your site. Interesting ?


Want Website Traffic? Start A Free Blog! by Tammy Embrich


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If you own a website, then you know how difficult it is to get exposure to it. Creating a blog is one of the best resources there is today for receiving that exposure.

Like anything else…it takes hard work on creating interesting content on a new blog and getting traffic to it. Focus on your website or business when creating new posts and always try and add something new everyday. Try and connect with your creative side…we all posses some level of creativity! Give it a try…you just may surprise yourself at what you manage to conjure up.



Aztech Wireless Broadband Router

Last week I bought a new Wireless Broadband Router after finally fixing my Streamyx connection problem. It cost me around RM 145.Since I always try to hack my neighbor wireless network (which I always failed ) : ) so I think it’s better for me to get my own.



key features :

Up to 54 Mbps Wireless data rate

Up to 3x eXtended Range™ support to boost your Wireless network range to up to 200 meters (indoors) or 800meters (outdoors).

eXtended Range™ feature interoperable with other 3rd party devices

Compatible with IEEE802.11g, IEEE802.11b, IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u standards

Increased signal sensitivity for better Throughput.

Increased security with WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK authentication and TKIP/AES encryption security

Built-in firewall supporting IP address filtering, Domain Name,filtering, and MAC address filtering

Integrated 4-port 10/100 Mbps Auto MDI-MDIX switch and detachable antenna

UPnP, Dynamic DNS, Static Routing, and VPN pass-through support

User-friendly Web browser-based configuration

Installation : easy start guide

  1. Connect your laptop to your Aztech router using Ethernet Cable
  2. Make sure your modem is connected to your router usually blue LAN cable from modem to WAN scoket.
  3. Make sure your laptop/pc detect the Wireless Broadband Router. Please check your computer network. Your network must establish connection now.
  4. Open your internet browser and type to login to Aztech Web Manager (Make sure you secure a connection LAN with your Router)
  5. Select dynamic ip and put your Streamyx log in id (must be [email protected] streamyx  only without .com) and password

How to secure your wireless home network ? This is important to protect your wireless network from intruders or hackers.

  1. select wireless menu setup
  2. change SSID
  3. apply security by selecting WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
  4. ENTER a PSK passphrase with a combination of number and letter
  5. click save
  6. WALA your connection is ON

official site : aztech wireless broadband