Western Union Offline, DBS Singapore to the Rescue

Remember when I wrote about Western Union with TEB bank in Turkey to send money to Malaysia. Well, now they do not accept Western Union transfer anymore. I am not sure what is the real reason because the Western Union  sticker is still on their door.

So I tried my luck with Yapi Kredi bank just in front TEB bank. Because I saw Western Union sticker on their wall. The guy at the counter can speak English quite well, and yes they can process my Western Union to Malaysia.

Yapi Kredi Western Union

yapikrediOnly one problem with Yapi Kredi bank, the que is quite long especially office hours. Furthermore I don’t have account with Yapi Kredi bank, so I am not their priority. Sometime I have to wait almost one hour.

But since I have no other choice, I fill my time by playing games on my Zenfone2. This continues for a few months until Yapi Kredi Western Union have a system problem. Imagine you wait for almost an hour and when finally its you turn, the guy at the counter say “sorry Western union OFFLINE”. Yapi Kredi was my last hope to send money, so I walk up to 5 banks to ask about Western Union. All of them gave me the same answer “OFFLINE”.

Then I think to myself, is there any other option that I can use to transfer money from oversea to Malaysia. I already asked before about Bank Telegraphic Transfer from Turkey o Malaysia. The lady from TEB Bank said that it will cost USD 100. So not an option. So my best chances right now is Western Union because the fee for transfer is quite reasonable. But I have to ask everyday when the Western Union system is back online. Which is not practical and time consuming.

DBS Malaysia Remit

Until one of my Singaporean friend here in Ankara offered his help to transfer money from his DBS Bank account in Singapore to my Maybank account. Plus, the commission fee is lower than Western Union around 50 lira. Luckily, DBS is currently have a DBS Malaysia Remit promotion, no charge (S$0) fee for transfer money to Malaysian Bank  till December 2015. You can receive money on same day transfer. So no more walking and waiting to the bank. I just asked my friend to transfer money online, and I will pay him in Lira.

At first we tried to transfer only RM200 to make sure the transfer is successful. I gave him all my Maybank account number, Maybank swift code  and address. Well, its good to have a good friend when time like this.

Moral of the story, make a lot of friends where ever you are. Be nice to them and one day you might need their help.


How to Transfer Money from Maybank2u to ASB

Back in the old days, queuing at the bank to withdraw money is tiresome. I remember once  when I was in a boarding school in Pekan Pahang, I have to run back to my hostel because I forgot to bring my identification card when already at the bank.

I have no other choice but to run because bus will take a long time and the gate will be close around 5 pm . Taxi, hello.. I am a student and probably the money I have at that time is 70 cents, enough to get to the bank by bus. Can you imagine, I ran back to my hostel, took my IC and retun back to the bank. The distance between my hostel and bank around 2km. Fuhh. I must be really fit that time haha 🙂

Nowdays, we are so lucky that bank use online transaction like Maybank2u and CIMBclicks.

Maybank2u and ASB

Today, I just want to share on how to send money to Amanah Saham Bumiputera or ASB. Since I am living abroad, usually I will transfer money to my father using Western Union and asked him to invest in my ASB account at Maybank counter.

Then I read on Maybank2u that I can transfer online to my ASB account. That is good news, I don’t have to trouble my father anymore. I only manage to link my Maybank2u to ASB last September, when I flew back to Malaysia for short holiday. I also have to change my mobile number registered to Maybank2u because the old one already terminated.

It is really important because, I need to receive TAC number for any transaction to be made except for Favorite account. Luckily, I manage to receive my TAC code even I am abroad. I use Umobile prepaid and need to top up every month to maintain the number. Here, my Umobile number is using Vodafone TR network. At first, I was quite skeptical using prepaid number to receive sms from Maybank2u and register  a new line number is not an option. Even the guy that sold me the prepaid number was not sure, he even call his umobile agent to confirm. The UMobile told him that, I can receive sms from Maybank even I am abroad by maintaining balance RM50 on my phone. It easy to have RM50 balance because I cannot use it here, cannot call only sms.

Lets focus back to Maybank2u and ASB.

Maybank2u ASB Registration

In order for us to transfer money to ASB online using Maybank2u, we have to register our ASB account into Maybank2u. Please have your ASB account book and handphone in front of you during registration.

  • Login to Maybank2u.com and click Investment tab and select “ASNB Unit Trust” from the menu.

  • After that click “Add” to Register your ASNB Account

  • After that, select “Amanah Saham Bumiputera”, click continue and Request for a TAC Number

  • Next page will be Declaration page. You have to check acknowledge the terms and conditions. There a a few important details that you need to aware :
  • Service fee for transaction money to ASB is RM 1 plus 6% GST = RM1.06. NOT 6% from the amount that you transfer to ASB. 6% GST is only charged from Service Fee only.
  • Transaction after 5pm will be considered as next business day transaction.
  • You can transfer money to third party account ASB holder. Let say you register your wife or children ASB account.

  • After you click next, you will be presented with online form like below. Key in your Membership No(ASB Account number), Membership ID (IC Number) and Type along with your Name and click “Continue”

  • Make sure you refer to your ASB account book, your name on the book and maybank2u must be the same. Confirm all the details displayed and fill in the TAC code received. Click “Confirm” to continue.

  • When the Confirmation Status page is displayed, keep the record for your reference. Your registered ASB account will be pending for approval. Usually it will take 36 to 48 hours. You can transfer money when you get Active green status.

How to Transfer Money from Maybank2u to ASB

When you account status is active, you can transfer money to your ASB account. Follow the steps below:

  • Select “ASB Payment” from the top sub menu
  • Select the account for payment from the dropdown list and click “Continue”
  • Next is declaration page, please read and understand the Declaration. Check the box to acknowledge the terms and conditions. Click “Next”
  • Key in the amount you would like to invest and select the account you wish to make the payment from in the dropdown list. Click “Continue”
  • Confirm the details of the transaction and click “Confirm”
  • When the Payment Status page appears, click “Print Receipt” and keep it for your future reference. If any problem with the transaction, Maybank will reimburse your money not ASB.
  • It will take 1 or 2 business days for the money you transferred to available on your ASB account, so be patient. My advice, try transfer with small amount. Then check, how long it will take or are you facing any problem during transaction before you can proceed with larger amounts.

That’s all for now tutorial sharing from me. Hope you can invest and save money in your ASB account thru Maybank2u. Good luck.


3 Steps to Activate WhatsApp Call

Hi Guys,

Last January I post about WhatsApp Web on Chrome, but now you can also open WhatsApp web with Firefox.
Good news, you can now call for free with WhastApp, its kindda Skype thing but not video yet. You can save a lot of money with it. You can make international calls to your family for free.
As long as you have the latest WhatsApp Version and internet connection. It is easy to setup.

3 Steps to Activate WhatsApp Call

  1. Get latest WhatsApp at WhatsApp Android.
 2 . Download WhastApp APK file and Install in your handphone.
 3.  Last step, ask your friend that have WhastApp call to call you. After that you will see a new menu like below:


How To Use WhatsApp Web Online on Chrome Browser

Hi everyone,
I just want to show you guys on how to setup your WhatsApp on your computer. It is easy to setup your WhatsApp Web Online. You just need Chrome browser and latest WhatsApp.

Most Awaited Features : WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp announcement on WhatsApp Web is a big relief as more user tend to convert to Telegram. This features is a long waited by WhatsApp user. Before this, user have to install Android emulator just to get WhatsApp online on their PC. Which I already did. But it just too slow and always hang.
Maybe this features is a little too late compare to other phone messaging app such as Telegram and Wechat. But bare in mind, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app with its user up to more than half billion  active user around the world. So this is a good start. Better late than never.
You can type easily, share file, links and picture to all your WhatsApp friends. No more peeking at your hand phone to see message from your friend or group.

How to Use WhatsApp Web Online Chrome Browser

1. Make sure you have latest updated WhastApp on your phone. The latest WhatsApp have WhatsApp Web menu when you click on the menu setting. If you dont have this menu, please download and install from Google Play or WhatsApp download page.

Make sure you backup all your data and message history before you install latest WhastApp.

2.  WhatsApp Web is only support by Google Chrome. So for now Firefox or Opera even  Internet Explorer are not supported yet. Maybe soon they will add it.

You can download Google Chrome here.

3. Then go to https://web.whatsapp.com/ on Chrome browser. You will see a QR code and instructions on how to open WhatsApp Web menu on your phone. For Android and Window Phone user, you just need to open WhatsApp, click menu and find WhastApp Web menu.

For Blackberry , you need to open WhastApp, go to chats, click menu and find WhastApp Web menu.

For Blackberry 10 smartphone, Open WhastApp, just swipe down from top of screen and find WhatsApp Web menu.


  4. When you click WhatsApp Web menu, scan QR code on your Chrome browser. Make sure you fit the QR code in to your scanner and heard a click sound. This to ensure that you log in.
5. You will see interface like below if you successfully log in to your WhatsApp Web account. You can turn on Desktop notification. You also can see Chat History, Video and Voice message online. You can see Group chat on your left menu. Plus you can share video,image and link from your computer to your whatsapp friend. Awesome!

 Still New and Need Improvements

There are few lacking features in WhatsApp Web, such as :-

  1. You cannot easily forward picture that you receive. You need to download it first and re upload it back to send to other friend.
  2. You cannot directly change profile  status and picture online. You need to change it on your phone. Then it will sync online.
  3. Admin group cannot add or modify data online and even normal user  cannot leave or create group online
  4. You also cannot delete or clear chat history.
  5. iOS is not supported yet.

Beware of Hackers


You should realize that by using WhatsApp online, you can expose your account to potential hackers. Especially if you use your computer at office or in public places and left it. So make sure it is password protected when you left your computer.

Make sure after you are done using WhatsApp web, log out from all computers to avoid access from third party. It is very important, because you don’t want your sensitive picture and video falls to the wrong hand.

How To Buy Domain from Google Domains outside US

NameCheap and Godaddy, Here Comes New Contender!

There is a new domain daddy in town. Google is very serious about domain business. Google wants to complete blogger with Google domains. So internet user can totally use Google service when blogging at cheaper cost.

Google has opened up their domain services to all US internet user. Last year, only user with invitation can use Google Domain services.

Google Domains Features, that you should know :

  • More than  60 domains ending  like .company, .florist and .coffee (view the full list here)
  • Simple Domain Management Tools. You can configure domain, website  and email setting with just a few clicks.
  • Easy Integration with Blogger .
  • Private Registration at no cost.  Unlike other domain registrar, you have to pay extra to hide your details.
  • Fast, Reliable and Secure Internet Google Infrastructure. For me Google =  Internet, if Google down, then Internet must be down too.
  • Customize your domain with up to 100 sub-domains, For example lankapo.com, you can have best.lankapo.com, powerlah.lankapo.com and a lots more.
  • Create up to 100 email aliases with your domain, . WoW! [email protected], [email protected]
Its look like sooner or later, i should transfer all my domains to Google Domains.

How to Buy Domain at Google Domain even You are outside of US

I just found this trick to buy domain from Google. You need to have an address in US. That’s all.
I already bought one domain for my 2015 affiliate project. My domain list :

A few domains are still active and updated. The rest is still without a hosting.

What do you need to buy domain from Google :

  • Gmail account
  • Debit /Credit Card
  • Card Billing Address ( Malaysia in my case)
  • Any US postcode


1. First, Register at Google Domain by using your gmail account. Then search for your favorite domain keyword.

2. There will be a pop up saying that ” We’re sorry. You appear to be in a country where Google Domains is not yet available” Just ignore and click Continue

3. Domain availability will pop up, select your desired domain and please make sure you have enough balance in your debit card /credit card before you make a purchase.

4. Click proceed to checkout to proceed with payment

5. Fill in your personal details. Make sure your address is valid and legitimate. Also make sure that your address is the same with your card billing address. DO NOT use US address here.

6. Next step, fill in your card details. i just use my Maybank Debit Card. Pay attention on the red box. On Name and Hone Location, make sure you put your name and US postcode.

7. Actually I got the US postcode by using EziPos Malaysia. Any other US valid postcode should be work actually. I just want to be on the safe side. Remember Google did say that as long as you have a US billing address, you are good to go.


8. Then you will receive “Uh oh, There was a problem”. Don’t worry, we actually expect this Technical Error to happen. Click Close. Then try again o buy your selected domain. You wont have to fill in details on your address and card as it already stored in the system. (This is some kinda of  big I guess)
9.  After you repeat with buying process, Google Wallet screen will appear like below picture. Google has identify you as user from US. Proceed by clicking BUY button.
10. Final step, after Google successfully charge your card, you will have this simple management domain tool like below. You can link/forward your domain to blogger or existing website. You can also create sub domain and email easily. The GUI is straightforward.


Disclaimer :

Good Luck by trying this method. I just want to say that I will not held responsible if you fail or loose money in order to purchase domain from Google Domains. Try at your own risk.

I believe that there is a bug at step no 8. I just hope that by the time that Google realize that bug, Google Domains already open to all.

So far I already bought one domain and have no problem with it. One tiny problem, if you change the DNS, you will be not able to use email and subdomain features. So I just stick with Google DNS and point my domain to blogger platform.

Ok that is all for now. See you and have a nice day.


How To Link Domain .my myNIC to WordPress

Today I would like to do a Tutorial on How To Link Your Domain .my to WordPress Blog.

This tutorial is useful particularly when you just bought a new domain.my from myNIC during a promotion and want to link it to one of your wordpress blog.

In my experience, linking common domain such as .com .net or .org is easy compare to .my. It is because myNIC is giving you a hard time to configure their setting to change a nameserver.

There are 3 Steps to link domain .my to your WordPress blog :

  1. Addon domain to your cpanel hosting
  2. Identify your hosting nameserver
  3. Modify nameserver at myNIC


1. Addon Domains on Your Hosting Cpanel

The reason I want to addon domains is because I already have a domain and hosting, lankapo.com. So I just want to link my new domain .my that I got free to my lankapo.com hosting.

This will save money because I don’t have to buy a new hosting to link my new .my domain.

In case you still don’t have a hosting, I would like to recommend ServerFreak, been a loyal customer for 6 years now.  If you have a hosting only and want to dedicate to your new domain .my, you can proceed to step 2.


How to Addon Domains on your Hosting cpanel :

a. Login to your hosting cpanel

b. Go to Domains, Addon Domains

c. Add your new domain.my like below


 d. Then, go to Softaculous menu, and install WordPress on your new subdomain. In my example, I need to install at my public_html/visitturkey.my

2. Identify your Hosting Nameserver

You can check your hosting nameserver at www.ip-adress.com. In my example, I want to link my visitturkey.my to my lankapo.com/visitturkey.my. So I need to find nameserver for my lankapo.com. So I need to enter lankapo.com on search box in www.ip-adress.com.

Find your nameserver and save it on  a notepad. Below is an example of my nameserver.


Find your name server

Second option, you can also get information about your nameserver from your hosting provider. Just write a support email to them. My Serverfreak replied my support email even at 3 am.

3. Modify Nameserver at myNIC

This is the tricky part, there are a few steps that you need to take before you can change myNIC nameserver to your domain nameserver.

a. Appoint a Technical Contact
First of all, you need to appoint yourself as a technical contact before you can change the nameserver of myNIC. (I will use my kitabpink.my domain as an example )
  • So you need to login to myNIC and select Domain Name, go to Modify Domain (Remember to find your contact code in myNIC email during registration. You need it to login to myNIC system)
  • Search your domain.my and select it
  • From the drop down menu, tick Appoint a New Technical Contact as picture below.
  •  Key in your contact code and click search icon. A list will appear, click your name and select button.
  • Next you will get a confirmation email, stated that you have been appointed as a New Technical Contact for your domain.

b. Modify Namerserver myNIC

To modify the nameserver, go to menu select again Modify Domain, Search your domain and make sure there is a green box on Technical Column like picture below.

  •  If not, you have to redo step a above.
  • After you select your domain with Technical Contact checked, a new menu will appear, Modify Name Servers will appear like below.
  • Tick Modify Name Servers and select Add / Remove / Change Name Server.
 Follow below steps and refer to above picture :
     1. Click search icon and a pop up browser will appear.
     2. Key in you nameserver from your notepad at [Name Server Hostname]
     3. Click search button
     4. Search Result will appear, click select button to change myNIC nameserver to your nameserver.
* Redo step 1 to 4 again and add the 2nd nameserver.
You will see your myNIC nameserver  change to your domain nameserver, slightly like my picture below :
** Double check your nameserver, then most importantly click Modify button to save changes that you have made. If not you have to redo back all steps above.
  • An email will be send to you to confirm that change have been made to your myNIC domain nameserver.

Final Step,

You have to wait 6 hours or up to 24 hours to allow your myNIC domain to propogate to your subdomain/wordpress blog.
Please be patient, in the mean time you can setup your wordpress blog first. Add beautiful theme and plugins.
After that, you can test your new domain.my on your browser. Good Luck
You can also check to my other blog on link domain .my to blogspot.
If you find this tutorial is helpful, please share or bookmark.
If you have question, please write it in comment section.