Apply Visa Debit Card at Tune

First of all, this is no post per paid just sharing my experience with all my reader, because sharing is caring. 🙂

To those who didn’t know, Tune Money is part of Denis Melka, Datuk Tony Fernandes and a few business entrepreneur new product. Together with Tune Hotel, and Insurance targeted for people like us. I am quite admire  Datuk Tony Fernandes business vision following his huge success creating Air Asia, a true entrepreneur.Now everybody can fly !

Ok , so lets move to our topic, why Debit Visa at Tune Money ? Simple

    •Instant online approval*;

•Easy access – you don’t require an existing bank account to sign up;

•Cash withdrawal at ATM machines worldwide;

•No income checks;

•No credit checks;

•Easy reloading options;

•No late charges;

•No financing charges;

•Affordable annual fees;RM 9.99

•No bills arriving at the end of the month;

•View your transactions online, real time;

•Exchange rate markup of only 0.5% (others may charge you a lot more – check it out for yourself if you don’t believe us);

•Security – if you lose your card, one quick phone call ensures that you do not lose your money. Whilst cash lost, is lost forever;

•Privacy – we adhere to stringent regulations for customer privacy, authentication and identity verification

and BLA BLA actually:the real reason why I sign for this Visa Debit card is for my PayPal account. I need to use Visa to cash out my money from PayPal. PayPal only accept Visa to make the payment. Since I validate my PayPal account using my Mastercard CIMB, so is the answer.


Show me the money

Last week, I read a problogger income can reach up to RM16 K in a that for real. .and I wonder to myself $$$.

My work ? I have to drive 45 minutes every morning to my office in Shah Alam. Faces my ignorant boss.Prepare some letter and proposal and the most important thing make more money for him. Sadly,my salary didn’t even reach a quarter of that.

On the other hand, this blogger just sit in front of her laptop in her house any time. Write something about making money online, paypal,increase traffic, Google Adsense,Text Ad Link and wait for the money to come…So easy…

I wish I could do the same and improve my writing skill. Having a streamyx in my house is my first step and one day I will post about my income 🙂

For now, I just want to yell SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!