What is DuitNow?

I received a message from Maybank2u that I was selected for pre-register for  DuitNow. At first, I thought that I will receive money from Maybank. Wow, I am so lucky today.

I was wrong. It’s actually a new way to send and receive money thru all bank in Malaysia.

What is DuitNow?

DuitNow is actually a  new real-time online fund transfer service that allows you to transfer funds to your recipient’s
DuitNow ID instead of their account number.  Basically, it just replaces your bank account number and makes payment easier.

You can register and transfer funds using DuitNow via Maybank2u and Maybank2u Biz. This is an industry-wide initiative among all banks to simplify funds transfers while maintaining a high level of security.

 What is DuitNow ID?

DuitNow ID is an identifier which will be used to register your account numbers and it can consist of any of
the below. You can register one DuitNow ID to one account e.g. your mobile number to your Savings
Account and your NRIC to your Current Account.

a) Mobile Number
c) Army or Police Number
d) Passport Number
e) Business Registration Number (for Maybank2u Biz account holders)

DuitNow ID is unique, hence can only be registered to one account, regardless of whether the
accounts are from the same bank or different banks. So you need different DuitNow ID for each account that you have.

At the moment, Savings Accounts and Current Accounts can be registered for DuitNow. You can choose which account that you want to register with DuitNow. You can change the account once the features are available via Maybank2u/ Maybank2u Biz or at any Maybank branch starting December onwards.

DuitNow for Foreigner

Yes, you may register in M2U provided you have an active Maybank2u login and username. DuitNow
registration can be performed using your international mobile number or the passport number that
you have registered with the bank.

You may also register at any Maybank branch.  You also can update your DuitNow mobile number via Maybank2u and your passport number at any Maybank branch.

Maximum Transfer for DuitNow

RM50,000 is the maximum standalone transfer via M2U. However, for M2U Biz, daily maximum
standalone transfer via M2U amount is RM 100,000.

Transaction Fees for DuitNow

Transfers up to RM5,000 are free while a charge of RM0.50 per transaction applies for transactions above
RM5,000. (RM0.50 charges applies for DuitNow transaction via M2U and M2U Biz)

Verification for DuitNow ID

Before confirming the transfer, it’s important that you check that the name belongs to the intended recipient. When you keyed in the DuitNow ID, the registered account holder’s name will be displayed.

Update your mobile number

If your mobile number in the bank’s system is outdated, you can update your mobile number at any of Maybank branches or via any Maybank ATM. The system will automatically de-register the outdated number and you can go to Maybank2u/ Maybank2u Biz to register your new mobile number on the next day.

You cannot ask a third person to register your mobile number to their account. No, Maybank will check the mobile number against the account holder’s details before allowing the registration.

Opt out from the DuitNow pre-registration

Yes, you may deregister for DuitNow from 8 Oct – 21 Oct 2018 using the steps below:

Step 1: Select here Deregister DuitNow
Step 2: Enter your Reference Number and your ID
Step 3: Verify your details. Select ‘Yes’ to opt out

DuitNow service is coming soon

DuitNow pre-registration applies to selected customers. For those who are selected, you will be notified via Maybank2u website Inbox and Maybank app push notification.

Source : DuitNow

How To Register With Maybank Secure2u

What Is Maybank Secure2u

Maybank introduce Secure2u, a new safer and convenient way to authorise online transactions. Secure2u consists of :

  1. Secure Verification : Feature that allows user to approve or reject Maybank2u selected transactions directly from their smartphone.
  2. Secure TAC : It require user to key in a 6-digit TAC number generated on the mobile app o authorise Maybank2u transactions. Also a new alternative to SMS TAC for selected transactions.

This new features only available on the new Maybank App. Which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple Store.

What is the Difference between Secure Verification, Secure TAC and SMS TAC

Secure Verification : A notification alert will be sent to user registered device for selected transactions. User must approve or reject the notification within 30 seconds

 Secure TAC : Consists of 6 Digit TAC Number, generated by Maybank App. User need to use the PIN to authorise your transaction via Maybank2u website.

SMS TAC  : 6 PIN number received via SMS.


How to Register for Secure2u

  1. Download and install Maybank New App
  2. Launch the Maybank New App
  3. Before Login, TAP on Secure2u


4. Follow on screen instruction

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-28 at 9.32.39 AM WhatsApp Image 2017-04-28 at 9.34.10 AM5. You will receive On Time Password (OTP) sms, key in the OTP. Make sure your handphone number is correct.

6. Then you will need to key in your MyKad number.

You must have internet connection to use Secure Verification. To choose Secure Verification as the mode of authorisation, you will be prompted with a push notification message alert on your registered smartphone. You need to “Approve” or “Reject” the transaction within 30 seconds.

If you choose Secure TAC as your mode of authorisation, you can obtain the 6-digit number by tapping on ‘Secure2u’ button on the aybank App. Please enter the 6 digit number generated to approve your transactions.

Maybank2u Apps Block Jailbreak Phone

According to MyCert, there is 3921 fraud cases reported  in Malaysia last year. With the advance of technology and IT, phishing email can sometime look genuine. Once you click the given link, you will not aware that you are in a fake bank website.

Thus Maybank would like to introduce new security upgrades on Maybank2u website and mobile app to ensure online transaction is secure and protect from online threat. The 2 security upgrade will take effect on 4th March 2017.

Maybank2u Login Upgrade

User will be required to validate their security image and phrase upon login to Maybank2u. Before this user only have to check their security image and phrase after entering username.


This will ensure that user are accessing  to Maybank’s official website or app and not a FAKE site.  Enhanced Maybank2u Login also will protect user online banking transactions with Maybank.

No  More Access from Jailbroken and Rooted devices


Today  smartphone user prefer to Jailbreak and Root their devices to install third party software or to upgrade their smartphone kernel. Maybank decided not to allow rooted or jailbreak phone to use Maybank apps. Because rooted  and jailbreak device are vulnerable to fraudulent attacks.

So  if you want to install Maybank App on your jailbreak or rooted smartphone, you have to format it back to factory setting. Or you can login to Maybank2u using internet browser.

Source : Maybank

Beware of Bank Phone Scam 2017

Believe it or not, even smart highly educated can be tricked into this phone scam.

The fraudster can be so calm and professional thus make you believe that he is from the bank.

He/She will create an emergency situation regarding your bank account.  It can be anything. From to confirm a credit card transaction that was charged to your card. Or someone just called to confirm that you have apply for new credit card. If you deny it, the fraudster will give a fake number of Bank Negara for you to call.

The complice from Bank Negara will ask for your confidential information and bank details.

If you are panic and in a hurry you might fall to this trap. So please be very careful whenever you received a call from a bank.

How to Identify Telephone Scams Call

When you hear this any of this 6 statement. Then you better be careful.

  • “Give your username, ATM card number in order for us to investigate your account”
  • “Do not check your account and tell anyone for at least 3 days”
  • “Kindly call this number to speak to the Bank Negara Officer”
  • “Change your TAC mobile number at ATM”
  • “You have a pending credit card payment”
  • “Someone is using your info to apply for a credit card”

What you should do if you received a scam call?

  • DO NOT reveal your credit/debit card details or online banking details
  • DO NOT respond to any sms that claiming it’s coming from Bank Negara. Bank Negara officer will never call you  to ask for your credit/debit card or banking particulars.
  • DO NOT follow any instruction
  •  MAYBANK – 1300-88-66-88 immediately
    CIMB – +603 6204 7788