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Make DraftSight work with Ubuntu 11.10

DraftSight for me is the best replacement for AutoCad. But when Ubuntu user upgrade to 11.10, they will face problem when  installing DraftSight. There is some problem with dependency .   However, there is easy fix for that just...

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Marlin, another File Browser for Gnome

We have Gnome and Unity for Desktop Browser, for file browser the Gnome default is Nautilus. But if you want to try a sleek and fast GTK3 file manager then Marlin is the answer.  According to Wikipedia, marlin fish are...

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Ubuntu T-Shirt for Sale RM 35

Ubuntu T shirt for sale, anybody interested ? . I am just helping a friend here.  In collaboration with the release of Ubuntu Oneieric Ocelot, so it’s the rigth time to have a black t shirt with Ubuntu logo. “Oneiric...

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Choose Ubuntu Official Ad

Ubuntu has launched a new Youtube Channel, Celebrate Ubuntu to promote Ubuntu. The commercial featured a lot of Ubuntu Key performance for marketing. Which is a good step to grab the attention and interest of other PC user to...

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Download Equinox Evolution GTK Themes

The beauty of Ubuntu is you can try hundred of theme to beautify you Desktop and icon. Today I want to share another great theme by Faenza creator tiheum. You can either install theme separately and includes a metacity, GTK+ and...

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LINUX is everywhere!

Introduction to LInux I would say that I am still a newbie in Linux. Still have to learn a lot of thing. But I really like the idea of Linux. The knowledge that we can share and improve the technology. Watch the video and you...

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