How To Buy Domain from Google Domains outside US

NameCheap and Godaddy, Here Comes New Contender!

There is a new domain daddy in town. Google is very serious about domain business. Google wants to complete blogger with Google domains. So internet user can totally use Google service when blogging at cheaper cost.

Google has opened up their domain services to all US internet user. Last year, only user with invitation can use Google Domain services.

Google Domains Features, that you should know :

  • More than  60 domains ending  like .company, .florist and .coffee (view the full list here)
  • Simple Domain Management Tools. You can configure domain, website  and email setting with just a few clicks.
  • Easy Integration with Blogger .
  • Private Registration at no cost.  Unlike other domain registrar, you have to pay extra to hide your details.
  • Fast, Reliable and Secure Internet Google Infrastructure. For me Google =  Internet, if Google down, then Internet must be down too.
  • Customize your domain with up to 100 sub-domains, For example, you can have, and a lots more.
  • Create up to 100 email aliases with your domain, . WoW! [email protected], [email protected]
Its look like sooner or later, i should transfer all my domains to Google Domains.

How to Buy Domain at Google Domain even You are outside of US

I just found this trick to buy domain from Google. You need to have an address in US. That’s all.
I already bought one domain for my 2015 affiliate project. My domain list :

A few domains are still active and updated. The rest is still without a hosting.

What do you need to buy domain from Google :

  • Gmail account
  • Debit /Credit Card
  • Card Billing Address ( Malaysia in my case)
  • Any US postcode


1. First, Register at Google Domain by using your gmail account. Then search for your favorite domain keyword.

2. There will be a pop up saying that ” We’re sorry. You appear to be in a country where Google Domains is not yet available” Just ignore and click Continue

3. Domain availability will pop up, select your desired domain and please make sure you have enough balance in your debit card /credit card before you make a purchase.

4. Click proceed to checkout to proceed with payment

5. Fill in your personal details. Make sure your address is valid and legitimate. Also make sure that your address is the same with your card billing address. DO NOT use US address here.

6. Next step, fill in your card details. i just use my Maybank Debit Card. Pay attention on the red box. On Name and Hone Location, make sure you put your name and US postcode.

7. Actually I got the US postcode by using EziPos Malaysia. Any other US valid postcode should be work actually. I just want to be on the safe side. Remember Google did say that as long as you have a US billing address, you are good to go.


8. Then you will receive “Uh oh, There was a problem”. Don’t worry, we actually expect this Technical Error to happen. Click Close. Then try again o buy your selected domain. You wont have to fill in details on your address and card as it already stored in the system. (This is some kinda of  big I guess)
9.  After you repeat with buying process, Google Wallet screen will appear like below picture. Google has identify you as user from US. Proceed by clicking BUY button.
10. Final step, after Google successfully charge your card, you will have this simple management domain tool like below. You can link/forward your domain to blogger or existing website. You can also create sub domain and email easily. The GUI is straightforward.


Disclaimer :

Good Luck by trying this method. I just want to say that I will not held responsible if you fail or loose money in order to purchase domain from Google Domains. Try at your own risk.

I believe that there is a bug at step no 8. I just hope that by the time that Google realize that bug, Google Domains already open to all.

So far I already bought one domain and have no problem with it. One tiny problem, if you change the DNS, you will be not able to use email and subdomain features. So I just stick with Google DNS and point my domain to blogger platform.

Ok that is all for now. See you and have a nice day.


How To Wire Transfer Google Adsense Payment to Local Bank in Malaysia

Yes, good news for Adsense Publisher here in Malaysia.
You can wire transfer your income straight to your bank, either Maybank or CIMB bank. It may take 3 days working days but still you can save money and time then going to the bank for cashing out Adsense income using Western Union.


Split Adsense Payment

Plus, Western Union maximum cash out  is  only USD 2700. How do I know ? I read from Adsense Forum above ,  a Malaysian guy asked why his Adsense payment is pending.  Adsense Publisher explained that it is  better to use Wire Bank transfer because it just need one transaction only. Rather than using Western Union Quick Cash that need to split to 4 transactions due to the limitation. He make USD 9000 per month with Adsense. Can you believe that.

So making money with Adsense is not a big deal to him. He only cares about how to cash out the money. If only if I make that kind of money with Adsense, Google can send my money anyway that they want 🙂 .

How To Change Payment Setting to Bank Wire Transfer

1. Log in to you Adsense Account and go to Payment Setting
click manage

2. Click Manage at How do you get paid section

3. Click Add a new payment method
Adsense Payment Setting

4. Click Wire Transfer to Bank Account

add new payment method

5. Fill in your name, bank account number and swift bank number. Refer here of your local bank swift bank number.

Swift code is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and it is unique identification code for a particular bank.

fill in bank information

This payment method is really a big relief to me. Since I am here in Turkey and Google Adsense income payment using Western Union is not supported here. So with Bank Wire Transfer I can save money and time to the bank. Thank you Google.

Free 2 Invites for Google Inbox

Hello There Guys,

Great news, I got invitation from Google to use Inbox on 6 Nov 2014. So I want to give these 2 invites to you.  Help me to choose by giving a creative comment below on why should you get the invite. The 2 most creative will get the invites. On Tuesday, Nov 11,Veterans Day I will announce the winner. Good LUCK!
Inbox Invite Free

Inbox Invite 2

 Inbox by Google is awesome, where you can organize your email efficiently. You also can add your own reminder, bundle similar messages. Create your own bundle and UI is clean and minimal.

Tips for new Inbox Users
You can install Inbox on your smart phone and Chrome Browser only. Some tips on getting used to the new Inbox
3 Words, Snooze, Pin, Sweep
1) Snooze emails means you want to get rid of the emails, but want to read it on the selected time.
2) Pin the emails means you want the stick the email in the inbox and need to follow up on
3) Sweep means your clear  inbox  by removing unwanted and low priority emails from your inbox. Don’t worry, they are still in Done List.
Create Your Own Bundle 
Group your email with one line of item for a group of emails. All Bundles will be at your left panel. You can create other than default Bundle such as Travel, Purchases, Finance, Social, Updates, Forums and Promos. Maybe you want to add Personal bundle or Affiliates and group all related emails in to it.
Combining Snooze and Reminder
You can create a reminder  of things that you want to do and snooze it. The reminder will then pop back into your Inbox on the date you chose.
You also can see your “Task” list, by clicking Reminders in the main menu, and the Snooze date will be shown on the right.  So you will know when all your reminder is due.
By clicking Snooze on the main menu, you can see all your messages and reminder. You can also add a reminder and snooze it on top of the email that you snooze. So you will remember what to do with the email.
Choose Between Inbox or Gmail
It’s really a tough choice actually to choose your default email client on your smart phone. Maybe you will be quite confuse to use the Inbox since you have been using Gmail all this while. With Gmail, now you can add other than Gmail accounts. Inbox is still new and can have a lot of improvements. There will be no problem to have both installed on your smart phone. You can even stop notification from either Inbox or Gmail.


This blog, Inbox 101, also describes in details on how to use Inbox. Enjoy promotion Inbox Video by Google.

3 Steps To Ensure Your Website Is Google Mobile Friendly

Google Mobile Friendly Site

There are a few reasons why Google decides to tag website to be mobile friendly or not. Nowadays, smart phone, phablet , tab and iPad are getting faster and have so many apps. So, user love to search any information on their smart phone or tab.

Unfortunately, a lot of user have to scroll wide to see the content and links are too close to each other with websites that are not mobile friendly. So Google decided to punish website that are not mobile friendly. Punish is a quite a harsh word, but Google now started to value more website that is more mobile friendly. So website that is not friendly with mobile display will be demoted.

Plus, by being mobile friendly, Adsense links can be displayed more properly and can boost site owner and Google Income. That is might be second reason.

I believe this is a Win-Win situation for site owner and Google. We just have to please the user.

My website initially failed Google Mobile Test due to :

  • Content wider than screen
  • Links so close together
  • Uses incompatible plugins
Mobile Friendly Test

Fail Mobile Test Google

So I did some research on how to ensure my site is Google Mobile friendly.

3 Tips to Ensure Your Site is Google Mobile Friendly

1 – First, you can follow what Google tell you to do. This to make sure GoogleBot will detect your site as mobile friendly.

  • Avoids software that is not common on mobile devices, like Flash
  • Uses text that is readable without zooming
  • Sizes content to the screen so users don’t have to scroll horizontally or zoom
  • Places links far enough apart so that the correct one can be easily tapped

After all steps are taken , please check and follow below steps.


2.  Use responsive layout. If you use blogspot , here is a lot of responsive layout that you cab use to ensure your site is mobile friendly. You can check here for Free Responsive Blogger Template.

My blogspot, is mobile friendly with responsive blogger template.

For WordPress, you  can find a lot of free responsive themes on WordPress Theme browser.

3. Use  WPtouch Mobile Plugin that will create a slick mobile WordPress website with just a few clicks.

Having said that, some plugin as Jetpack is not compatible for Google Mobile test. That is why my site failed the test even though i use responsive theme.

WPtouch is a mobile plugin for WordPress that automatically enables a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors of your WordPress website.

The administration panel allows you to customize many aspects of its appearance, and deliver a fast, user-friendly and stylish version of your site to your mobile visitors, without modifying a single bit of code (or affecting) your regular desktop theme.

 By using WPTouch Mobile Plugin, it will ensure your website pass the Google Mobile Test. Below is how my site look like when using Wp Touch Mobile plugin on Samsung Note 2.

Good Luck with your website!


Responsive Layout

Google Mobile test


5 Reasons to Upgrade Google Drive 100 GB

Run Out Of Space

After I got back from Istanbul Trip, I received an email from Google stating that I have run out of space for full-size photo uploads. The free 15 GB limit is not enough for me now.

I never thought that this day would come as 15 GB should be enough for photos and video. But I did not realise that Google has stored a lot of my photos when was a student back then. All of the pictures and videos are well kept. I can browse all my photo gallery from 2003 till now. I would like to thank Google for that.

The free 15 GB storage is actually being shared across Google Drive, Google Mail and Google Photo. So when you are run out of storage you wont be able to store photo at full size and no files to Google Drive.

100 GB is a GOOD Deal

Google Storage Price