Broadband Awareness,anyone?

P1 W1Max WiMax unit

A few month back, I was briefed about broadband penetration in Malaysia by my friend from broadband industries. How the Malaysian Government is trying hard to prepare the infra for all Malaysian to use broadband in their house.

Did you know that other country like Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea, their broadband penetration is more than 70% compare to us Malaysia only 20%. So the government is planning to set a national broadband target of 50% household penetration by 2010.With the introduction of WiMax license to Packet One Networks, Asiaspace, REDtone and Ymax (YTL-e).Plus 3G license for mobile broadband to Maxis, Celcom, MiTV and Time DotCom.

For me, I use Streamyx Broadband Merdeka Package for 1Mb speed at my house. While at my office I use also Streamyx with 1Mb speed. So you can say that my broadband penetration and awareness is still 90% since my Nokia N95 is only connected to free Wi-Fi hehe.Still no 3G service.

Until last week during a visit to  my friend house, I feel offended with my friend when I asked him about his internet usage. He is still using dial up and his monthly bill is like RM 200 above.

I feel like want to knock his head haha. Haven’t you heard about broadband or Streamyx by Telekom. I just can’t believe my self he is able to use that slow dial up connection for one month. I believe that he is the other 80% Malaysian that still not aware about broadband service. Or why just can he ask his so hi-tech and internet savvy friend (that would be me) about broadband service. :))

Anyway, I have offered my service to configure and setting his modem and wireless broadband router once he register with either Streamyx or P1 WiMax.

Cheap Broadband Malaysia

Cheap Broadband in Malaysia

The broadband internet culture in Malaysia is developing fast, and since 2006 nearly three quarters of a million people have been connected to the internet via a broadband connection. Everything from ADSL services to fibre optic cable broadband and mobile broadband are available from a variety of providers all competing for business, which keeps the market competitive.

Malaysian Broadband Providers

The largest provider of ADSL broadband in Malaysia is TMnet, and arm of Telekom Malaysia, and they offer a good value, cheap broadband package called Streamyx which offers up to 4Mbps download speeds, and the cheaper packages are sold with a fixed amount of hours use available each month. For slightly more money you get faster speeds, a fixed monthly price with unlimited usage and a free modem, but there is a lot of choice in terms of what kind of package you can afford and you can choose based on price as well as your individual needs. TMnet also offer business broadband packages which are tailored to the needs of business use, from the home worker right up to the medium or large business. Jaring Flite Wired is the second largest provider, offering up to 1Mbps download speed during peak times on a 24 month contract with monthly payments. Alternatively you can pay one lump sum at the beginning of a 12 month period are receive a free modem, and of course you then won`t have to worry about paying for your service monthly. Each package comes with 5 free email addresses and 500MB of inbox space. If you want a wireless solution rather than an ADSL service then airzed is a good choice. They offer both Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 200 locations around Malaysia as well as the latest in Wi-MAX technology for homes and businesses. Wi-MAX is essentially a very powerful Wi-Fi broadcast that can cover wider areas than Wi-Fi hotspots and makes is a viable alternative to land line broadband and direct competition for mobile broadband.

Finding Cheap Deals

The best way to find cheap broadband packages and compare deals in Malaysia is to use a broadband comparison website. Ranking ISPs by their speed, coverage and monthly costs will help you decide, and it`s always important to decide what you want from your broadband connection before you start looking so that you have a rough idea of what kind of deal will suit you, whether it is a fast connection or the convenience of Wi-Fi or Wi-MAX. Keep your budget in mind and don`t just settle for the first deal you see, as comparison sites will take the time and effort out of shopping for a cheap broadband package.