Operation Malaysia

Beware Malaysian, now Anonymus the famous hacker that hack for political purposes has turn their intention to Malaysia. I believe this got something to do when SKMM decided to block sharing site like piratebay, fileserve and etc. Action by SKMM has sparked the online news all over the world.

From Jun 14, 2011


LulzSec spilled it out. gov.my emails use for porn

This is kindda interesting. LulzSec the hackers that hack SONY network and porn site has made their findings public. They has list out some combination of user email and password public here.

Check out these government and military email
addresses that signed up to the porn site...

They are too busy fapping to defend their country:

[email protected] | ilovedyna
[email protected] | karlmarx
[email protected] | 814550
[email protected] | j347576
[email protected] | mywife01 <-- American fighter pilot LOL
[email protected] | 3689817


Malaysiakini Under Denial of Service Attack

So that  is why I cannot read Malaysiakini news. The attack come from China, so it has been two days I guess the site is down. I am not sure why Mkini is under attack but it has got to do with Sarawak’s  election. But I was a little bit skeptical, why only Mkini and not Malaysia Today.

Anyway Mkini team is trying hard to restore their server to prevent this DOS attack. Right now, their site are posted on free site like facebook and wordpress. Below is Mkini explanation and pledges for donation. This donation is important to build new server with higher capability to prevent this DOS attack.


Japan Earthquake is not for us to joke about

Why some Malaysian just don’t know how to show their feeling  when tragedy happens to other country especially rite know Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. This kind of people just want to be funny and hilarious which is not funny at all. Below example is some of uncool Malaysian.

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From BeautifulNARA

Imagine this if Tsunami happens here in Malaysia, you think is ok to draw Upin Ipin cartoon running from Tsunami. You think people will laugh and thinks that it some kind of a joke while thousand of people die. Please people especially Malaysian, do show sympathy and concerned about Earthquake in Japan.

Japan has invested Billions in our country and this is not how we show our sympathy. Its so pathetic.Maybe if you watch LIVE how devastating the Tsunami was maybe you will think twice to joke about it.

Mashable has provide 7 Tips How To Help Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. So if you want to show your sympathy and help PLEASE read about it.


We should be grateful that Malaysia is safe from Earthquake for now. We don’t know what will happen in the future. Not only Tsunami and Earthquake , right now nuclear reactor in Fukushima is in brink of Nuclear Disaster. I pray to ALLAH SWT that the Japan Government can control and prevent Nuclear radiation from spreading. Even now all neighbouring countries are watching and monitor Nuclear Plant in Fukushima Daichi tragedy.


New Mobile Adsense Interface, Faster and Simpler

Yesterday I was quite surprise to see new mobile Adsense interface on my Blackberry. Before this I don’t usually check my Adsense earnings thru mobile browser. But lately due to increase traffic for “myeg summons traffic” to my blog I just cannot stop myself to check it every minutes. : ) .

Usually it will take some time to log in to my adsense account because Adsense will only load in “dekstop” version. You can barely see the numbers and read the data.

But last Thursday 3rd March, Adsense team unveiled new mobile Adsense interface load faster and simpler. So you can have quick access to the essentials in your Adsense account such as earnings, get important alerts and view reports (without the need for flash) on your phone.

To get this mobile version you have to opt in to the new AdSense interface on your Adsense account. However if you wish to check for more details like your certain ads placement and performance you can always switch to the dekstop version (and back) through a link on the mobile browser.

Bare in mind, this mobile interface Adsense is still in beta, so I hope more features will be make available soon. I would like to see channel data and clicks data. If you like to share your views maybe you can join Adsense Forum here.

So better bookmark this Adsense Mobile site on your mobile browser, so you can check your Adsense earning anywhere, faster and simpler.

p/s The Adsense earnings displayed on the iPhone above is not mine, but I wish it’s mine : ).