Daddy how was I born? – tech version

A little boy goes to his father and asks ‘Daddy, how was I born?’
The father answers, ‘Well, son, I guess one day you will need to find out anyway!

Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo.

Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and we met at a cyber-cafe.

We sneaked into a secluded room, where your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive.

As soon as I was ready to upload, we discovered that neither one of us had used a firewall,

and since it was too late to hit the delete button,


nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said: 



(Scroll down…You’ll love this …)















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How to get ATTention in a Blogger’s Gathering

Hi guys,

During my first blogger gathering, I was a bit shy and prefer to speak only with my wife.Which is not the best thing to do. Since it was my first, so I did some observation and note down things that I should do next time to make more friends and increase traffic to my blog.

1. Take picture with famous blogger,say hi,exchange ideas

– Well you should know the most popular blogger, as for me I would love to take picture with Kak Red from, Lilian from or even VP from viruspaducom 🙂

– OK there must be popular male blogger like KennySia, that you shouldn’t miss if they were there. Be polite and asked for picture won’t cost a thing rite. In fact this is the best way to get notice fast online.

2. Distribute your blogger card

– If you don’t have it , jut drop by to a printing shop and create one box of your official blogger card, it wil cost you less than RM 30.

– People will easily visit your blog with the correct url as stated in your card rite, so no more typo error in finding your blog url.

– Same like a business card, it will show how professional even you are just amatuer. Your new friend will sure be impressed.

3. Wear your special shirt that display your URL of your blog.

– Seriously, I found this tip is practical, since I noticed a few blogger wear black T-shirt  with their blog URL at the back.

– If you can out your logo than that would add more cream to the ice cream 🙂 . At least your regular visitor will notice you on the spot. As online picture with real one is not usually the same. As for me, I will look more “leng chai” if face to face than my online picture hehe

4. Be friendly with everybody shake hand and smile always

– This is a straight forward tip, since be nice to everybody will attract more blogger to get to know you.

– My first mistake was unable to start a conversation, that is my main weakness. I usually think 100 times about topics to talk about,untill  some people think that I’m an introvert. Well I can talk about a lot of things just don’t know where to start and can be funny sometime.

5. Participate in a talk,answer question fast and always raise up your hand.

Seiously, I did’nt know that you will get goodies/gadget when you answer simple question in a talk session. Well, I know that you do get goodies but not all questions, so I ‘m a bit shocked.

– Next time, I will prepare myself with some info and do some research about the event and the sponsor off course. I will always raise my hand and get the chances to introduce myslef to everybody and win some goodies.

Strawberry Ice Cream with Strawberries
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– Win a competition in that particular gathering, that would add a strawberry in your ice cream of exposure :). I did win a consolation prize in that gathering, and I bought a lot of books from MPH Alamanda Putrajaya.

– In short, just enjoy your gathering, chat with others and smile 🙂

Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One!

Hi Guys,

As an avid user of Entrecard, I get international traffic apart from organic search to this blog.So I owed Entrecard a lot.As a token of saying thank you, I would like to promote their latest contest Win A Bazillion Credits Plus One! to show some support.

Join the contest by writing about this Great Contest and invite other to join, easy isn’t it . You can stand a chance to win Bazillion, yes Bazillion entrecard Credit!. You can check with Graham if you don’t believe me. What are you waiting for, one thousand Entrecard can be sell up to USD 1, can you imagine how much money can you make online if you have one Bazillion :). Wait how many zero is bazillion, check it here:at wikipedia.

My Prize Choice

Off course, I want to win 25K EC from Games, Downloads, Walkthroughs, so that I can share and advertise on other big website and gain more traffic 🙂


I want to sell for USD 4,553

worth Anybody interested ? hehe.

Just kidding. I found a website that can estimate your blog/website  price called MyWebSiteWorth.

Maybe you guys can try to see how much can you get from your blog hehe. Calculation are  based on Page Rank, Alexa ranking and unique visitor.

Good Luck!

How to Flush DNS with IPconfig

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After buying a new domain and for sure you have to  change to new DNS in your domain point to your hosting. My experience on changing my DNS, usually it will take 48 hours.

Most DNS clients cache the results of name resolution requests. This speeds up name resolution if multiple look ups are done to the same address, such as is common when browsing the web.

Sometimes a bad DNS entry will be cached and you will need to either flush the DNS cache to get rid of it, or wait up to 24 hours for it to be dropped from the cache automatically.

How to Flush DNS in Microsoft Windows

In Microsoft Windows, you can use the command ipconfig /flushdns to flush the DNS resolver cache:

type cmd in box for Vista or for XP type in run box
C:\>ipconfig /flushdns

Windows IP Configuration

Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.

You can also use the command ipconfig /displaydns to view the DNS resolver cache.

  • How to flush DNS cache in Windows from the command line

Been Busy in DP Forum : Free/Cheap Hosting SUX

I don’t know why, my addiction to this freebies made me wasting my 48 hours of weekend.I spent my free time in front of my Acer laptop play around with free domain, free hosting and cheap hosting. I tried to setup new WordPress blog using free domain from free hosting at and cheap hosting at


Server Cable from kenyee

I bought a really cheap hosting, 2Gb for only USD 4.99 Day dreaming after saw their ad in DP Forum. I paid thru PayPal, using money that I earned from Matched.UK.Just for fun and to do some sort of experiment to see how reliable are cheap hosting. Well all I can say that better get a genuine or paid hosting like ServerFreak.Actually, I bought that cheap hosting because my 500 MB hosting with Serverfreak already full. I thought by buying a cheap hosting with big capacity will solve my problem, unfortunately it’s made my blogging more miserable. The admin only replied once, and I cannot connect to my server till 48 hours. The worst part is, the server is always down Crying. Sometime my new wordpress website is online, but most of the time offline and all I can see was a blue screen.My wordpress blog with free hosting also the same, totally not worth it. Upload a lot of thing such as plugin, edit theme and link to the server, in the end you get only crap.


Lesson learned here, don’t easily get tempted to buy a new hosting by looking at the number. A lot of factor have to be considered before buying a new hosting.Factor like, location of data center, uptime and down time has to be considered. Feeling a little bit stress about this hosting problem, I decided and already bought and upgrade my existing hosting with Serverfreak to Deluxe package with :

    • Disk Space                   = 2 GB
    • Monthly Data Transfer = 50 GB
    • Domains Allowed        =  5
    • Price                           = RM 180/year

    So no more problem with space Dancing and that really ease my mind.No more wasting my weekend using cheap hosting. For free domain at, maybe you can try. Not that bad, easy to manage and perform well. Good Luck and Happy Holidays!!