3 The Wolf of Wall Street facts that you should know

I think a lot of Malaysian will try to find this movie online or thru torrent site. Because I already did :). Plus this film is banned in Malaysia because of its sex scene, drug and excessive use of swear words. In Singapore, the film can be viewed in selected theatres only because of its ultra-restrictive rating.

1. Did you know that, in 2007 Leonardo DiCaprio won a bidding war against Brad Pitt to portray Jordan Belfort’s memoir The Wolf of Wall Street.


Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie (Trailer)

This trailer just made my day. Siri can be deadly. You can run but you cannot hide from Siri: The iPhone killer..hehe

So if you have iPhone 4s, you should watch this movie to be released this summer haha.

.xxx Domain Makes Porn Site now easy to block

Lets face it, without the introduction of .xxx, there are millions of porn site that exist in the internet. So why is the big fuzz for.xxx domain. Yesterday,6 Nov 2011,  hundred thousand of porn website with .xxx domain are alive!, which is good. Personally, I think by putting the porn website egg in one basket make the job easy for webmaster and parents.

What are some new opportunities offered with .XXX domains?

Its a whole new world for adult webmaster. They can pick millions of domains name that suit their site. Domains that were unavailable in the dot-com world are suddenly ready to buy.  The possibilities for new domain names are endless. Why do we have to worry, as long as its .xxx we know its a porn site.

According ICM Registry, they even provide free malware protection from McAfee for all.XXX websites. As we all know, this adult site are full with malware and trojan if you like to download porn. (Nope, I am not speaking from my experience haha). So now it safe to surf porn?


Ubuntu T-Shirt for Sale RM 35

Ubuntu T shirt for sale, anybody interested ? . I am just helping a friend here.  In collaboration with the release of Ubuntu Oneieric Ocelot, so it’s the rigth time to have a black t shirt with Ubuntu logo. “Oneiric Ocelot” is the code name for Ubuntu 11.10, scheduled for release on 13 October 2011

This is a good promotion to other PC user that Linux is  easy and enjoy to use. Plus you will look super geek with Ubuntu Tshirt. Everybody will notice you. Hot  chix love geek hehe.

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Malaysia is under attack!


I woke up at 3:40 am just to see update on Ops Malaysia. Its look like, not only Anonymous hacker that trying to attack Malaysian Government but we have our own Malaysian hackers that called themselves Dragonforce that deface several Government site. This is unbelievable. We are under attack and this culprit joined the enemy.

Seriously we have enemy in our own country. I hope the Royal Malaysian Police  will catch these Malaysian Hackers. Even the Royal Malaysian Police is under DoS attacked. The worst site hit should be sabahtourism.com, even without the gov.my, their site was hacked and leaked. Means almost all user database like username, password were displayed publicly. This is unacceptable! (more…)

Which Side are You Malaysian ? Anonymous or Cyber Securities Malaysia


I love my country, outsider are not welcome. After Anonymous declared war againts Malaysian Government site, only CIDB has been hacked last evening. I thought only malaysia.gov.my will be focus on. Its look like all goverment portal with gov.my will be targeted. I believe all webmaster will not have enough rest and sleep tonight.  I will also stay up late to see this cyber war.

Operation Malaysia| Operation Malaysia [pwn3d by Anonymous]