Who dont want to get rich ? Easy ,fast and without sweat. Just dump the money, as in the movie SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!

Just now, my old fren came in my office and explain about this Winlifund. Well its really interesting and too goog to be true. Its really impressive. He even show me his acount in the website. All In USD currency. The point of this Winlifund is that you dump some amount of money and you can get it back in 100 days in amouunt of 2.9% perday interest. Just imagine. Suddenly my eyes started to see a lot of money hehehe

Well my friend try to persuade me to join him, but I have to be extra careful.Eventhough it can be true but as a MUSLIM you have to obey a certain of rules. My religion prohibit me from joining this kind of scheme, because it involves Riba’. Well, after searching from the internet, the Fatwa said taht it is HARAM. What can i say.. there must be a HIKMAH why ISLAM do not allow it. Well there gi my dream to become a millionaire..hehehe as long as I am happy…May ALLAH bless me and my family ameennn

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