What would you do ? Simple ,ask her to write a blog and make money hehe 🙂

My wife, a government servant work in Putrajaya. I met her two years ago when she only knew about yahoo messenger.I introduced to her to Friendster just for fun and at that time I have a few hundreds friends. After one year, her friends are up to thousands and need to open a second account.My Friendster still at that number.

At that time, I don’t really care,about her popularity until I met my friends and his girlfriend. I introduce my wife to my friend’s girlfriend, she was so excited and told me that she already knew my wife through Friendster. Ok, maybe just a coincidence. When we went to Mamak Stall, and her Friendster’s friend message her that she saw us and wearing this and this. Ok that is, this got to stop. I just have to agree that she is quite popular in Friendster.

She once told me that her page per view was 500 per day. Wow! i only got 20 – 30 per day only. I said to myself if only I get that much traffic , my adsense account would be full with number and not zero :).

It take some time for me actually to persuade her to jump over blogging from Friendster. She do not believe that we can make money trough blogging. My friend from akubetul.com has received a few cheque from Nuffnang.So, why not we give it a shot. My wife has the traffic and I have the tech know how hehe.

I setup a Blogspot for her aleeya01.blogspot.com.It is easy to setup and user friendly, so my wife would not having problem posting her blog. After teaching her basic technique on posting on blogspot and upload picture. She is up to go.

Aleeya01 is more about her life, our newborn daughter, gossip artist in Malaysia and women stuff. After a few months her traffic is increasing and manage to attract advertiser from Telekom Malaysia and LG. Not so bad ehh. My blog is up for nearly a year, nobody want to advertise hehe. Poor me.She always brag about that, and I always remind her “Do you remember who thought you about Friendster and Blogspot” hehe


My wife and my 31 days newborn daughter

Her dedication and focus are the key factor.(Plus a handsome and smart hubby hhehe.) That make her so special.Plus, that’s why I married her lorr.Love you sayang..