I have been never using Facebook so extensively, until recently when I found my old friend from primary school . Can you imagine, for 18 years we never/lost contact with each other after UPSR then suddenly we say hi again. This is miracle. 🙂 . I have to refresh back my memories when I was in Sekolah Kebangsaan Angkatan Tentera Kebun Teh Johor Bharu. (Standard 6). Its really hard, but gradually the image/memories keep coming back. Thanks to all my friends for helping me. It is so touching to meet you guys back.

I got to admit that I have misused Facebook to broadcast new entry on my blog. So in order to get more traffic to my link, I add a lot of friend without even saying thank you for adding me. Bad boy hehe.Up until now, I have 980 friends and counting :). So why I like facebook ? Clean Layout Facebook layout is clean and easy to use compare to Myspace and Friendster. Although thousand of Facebook has been created for Facebook, but I prefer to get to know/search my old friend. You can also follow your friend’s update,picture and children. So Facebook is more suitable for adult then teenager which prefer blink blink in their page. Event Organizer Plus, you can even create invitation/event to all your friend. So you can plan /organise your event when your friend confirming their attendance. You can provide maps and all the details about your party 🙂 Share and tagged picture Upload old picture and tagg all your friend. Share the sweet memories and make you smile. The best part every time you tagged your friend into your picture, Facebook will let them know. You can also upload and share your video with your Facebook friend and tagg them hehe. You can also install and use thousand of Facebook application if you like. No matter what you do with Facebook, remember it’s not the number of friend that counts but how many people’s heart that you have touch. So I would like to thanks to facebook creator, Mark Zukerberg for his contribution on Social Networking. Without Facebook I think, I will never meet my old old friends again. Thanks bro.